Corsair Launches 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB Force Series Solid-State Drives

Subject: Storage | May 20, 2010 - 12:01 PM |

FREMONT, California - May 20, 2010 - Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced three additions to its ultra high-speed Force Series™ SSDs. The additions to this product family include the F60, F120, and F240 Force Series SSDs, sporting densities of 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB respectively.

All Corsair Force Series SSDs are built using the Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processors, which provide unparalleled write endurance, superior ECC data protection, and outstanding performance.

OCZ and Indilinx bring a Solid 2 SSD value

Subject: Storage | May 18, 2010 - 01:41 PM |

Dipping your toes into the world of SSDs is getting easier, especially as we start to see what might almost be called value class SSDs.  It is a little hard to refer to the ~$3/GB that you are required to spend to get your hands on one of OCZ's Solid 2 Series SSD's, but $100 is a fair price if you are curious as to what an SSD can do.  Simply stick a copy of Windows on it

Source: Bjorn3D

It's time for a new death wish RAID at PC Perspective

Subject: Storage | May 13, 2010 - 02:33 PM |

Now that we have more video content at PC Perspective Ryan decided it was time to upgrade the rendering machine.  The big question on his mind was solid state versus platter based storage.  The SSDs should offer faster performance in some cases but would significantly reduce the amount of space available.  The platter based HDDs might be a bit slower at some things but offer a lot more storage space.  Read on to see which way he decided to go and why.

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: Western Digital

The best of both worlds

When comparing the world of SSDs to spindle-based storage it is easy to just dismiss the SSDs due to price and capacity or to dismiss standard drives based on performance. What if you are looking for a really high end solution for something like...a video editing machine? Do arrays of either technology make a difference worth noting? Stop in to see our quick experimenting.

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology

Introduction and Packaging

In an attempt to bring down the cost/GB of their Vertex 2 and Agility 2 products, OCZ has been futzing with the SandForce controller's firmware for the past few weeks. They managed to unlock an additional 20% capacity, but how will this impact performance? They just passed us a prototype sample, so lets find out!

Patriot's new SSD breezes onto the market

Subject: Storage | May 10, 2010 - 01:45 PM |

Check out Patriot's 128GB Zephyr SSD which uses the JMicron 612 controller, very similar to the 618 apart from supporting Samsung NAND instead of Toshiba NAND.  At about $2.80/GB the drive is cheaper than offerings by Corsair and OCZ but still runs you more than the Intel X25-M G2.  Legit Reviews saw the advertised 240MB/s read and 145MB/s writein their testing; not bad

OCZ Technology Introduces the Enyo USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive

Subject: Storage | May 5, 2010 - 02:33 PM |

SAN JOSE, CA—May 5, 2010—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and memory modules for computing devices and systems, announces the Enyo Portable SSD, utilizing the next generation USB 3.0 interface. The Enyo features all the performance and durability advantages of an internal SSD but delivers portability with an external storage solution for on-the-go users who need to share files between various PC systems.

Sandforce - The Second Generation

Subject: Storage | May 4, 2010 - 03:43 PM |

There are new Sandforce controller chips and if you were impressed with the previous generation and the first iteration of the new series, the SF-1222TA wait until you read about the new tricks this generation has learned.  SemiAccurate has posted a look at the new controller and its new features such as DuraClass and how they make MLC flash memory perform more like SLC.  You can also check out the new record posted at the Transac

Source: SemiAccurate

Corsair Adds 32GB and 256GB Drives to Nova Series SSD Product Family

Subject: Storage | May 4, 2010 - 11:00 AM |

FREMONT, California, May 4, 2009 — Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the addition of two new drives to their award-winning Nova Series SSD family.

The 32GB Nova Series SSD is the perfect mix of performance and value for use as a boot drive for basic configurations, and can also be used in high-performance multi-drive RAID configuratio

SuperTalent's USB3 thumb drive arrives; hot hot hot!

Subject: Storage | April 30, 2010 - 12:34 PM |

SuperTalent's new USB 3.0 SuperCrypt thumb drive has a lot going for it.  You get the security of two AES encryption options, including an STT encryption utility for password protection and 128-bit ECB encryption, so your data is secure.  You also get to access those files faster, 216 MB/s if you install SuperTalent's proprietary driver. 
If you are interested in a thumb drive that gives the performance of an SSD you owe it to yourself to