Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Motorola

Introduction and Hardware Overview

The past year has brought forth the evolution of the Superphone. More than just smartphones, these 1GHz devices with high resolution cameras are the new hot item. Today we take a look at the newest member of this group, the Motorola Droid X and see how it stacks up to the iPhone 4, HTC EVO and more.

Lenovo Prepping LePad for China, and HP's New Intel Slate

Subject: Mobile | July 21, 2010 - 10:26 AM |

Engadget has some tasty morsels from the slate word, and first up is Lenovo.

Source: engadget

Wireless hotspot racing: MiFi versus Overdrive 4G

Subject: Mobile | July 20, 2010 - 03:16 PM |

If you suddenly find yourself in need of an internet connection and are far away from a nice open WiFi signal then the cell network can save you, if you can connect to it.  Two popular choices are Sierra Wireless' Overdrive 4G which can connect to Sprint's 3G and 4G networks and Novatel's MiFi 2200 which comes in a Verizon and a Sprint model, both 3G connections.  Apart from the aesthetic differences between the two devices, the most important aspect is the speed of the connection. 

Source: Ars Technica

MSI to Launch 3D Notebooks in September - Not using NVIDIA 3D Vision

Subject: Mobile | July 20, 2010 - 10:15 AM |

When it comes to 3D on a notebook computer, NVIDIA's 3D Vision has been getting a lot of attention. However, products using 3D Vision don't exactly appeal to the general consumer who is more interested in watching movies than 3D gaming and higher performance. According to this Digitimes report, MSI is looking to change this by adopting Dynamic Digital Depth's (try saying that 3 times fast) software which converts 2D images into 3D, and employs the use of polarized glasses.

Source: Digitimes

Asus Dropping Windows Embedded Compact 7 in Favour of Android

Subject: Mobile | July 20, 2010 - 09:44 AM |

During Computex, we followed Asus as they announced to the world that it was working on a 10" slate based on the enigmatic Windows Embedded Compact 7 called the Eee Pad 101TC. According to Netbook News, Asus will be switching from WEC7 to Android (presumably Android 2.2) thus making the total slate count using WEC7 a solid zero.

Source: Netbook News
Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Asus

Intro, Specs, and Packaging

The Asus U30j is a brushed aluminum beauty that proves it isn't just about good looks. With NVIDIA Optimus under the hood, this slim notebook begs you to consider why you even both with netbooks in the first place.

In this review, find out why you should leave your netbook at home.

A good reason to avoid the Droid X

Subject: Mobile | July 15, 2010 - 01:47 PM |

Verizon and Motorola have made the Droid X and you will soon be able to buy it, but you really might want to avoid it.  One of the main attractions of this phone is that it uses the supposedly open source Android 2.1, allowing you to mod the OS and hardware and to play with a large variety of apps.  How would your decision be influenced if you knew that any mod on this phone at all will kill it, requiring a hardware fix to bring it back to life.  Slashdot repor

Source: 3DCenter

RIM to Enter the Slate Device Market - "Slateberry" Tablet by End of Year

Subject: Mobile | July 14, 2010 - 12:04 AM |

While this is all still speculation at the moment, the impact of this possibility has some real consequences in the legions of Blackberry users - RIM may be entering the slate device market by the end of the year.

Source: The Register

Samsung Galaxy Tab Earthbound Before October

Subject: Mobile | July 14, 2010 - 12:03 AM |

While the HTC Evo and iPhone 4 have grabbed majority of the smartphone headlines of late, the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S has been winning the hearts of consumers. Given the customer satisfaction with the Galaxy S, when Samsung has revealed that their upcoming Galaxy Tab slate device will be coming before October, we sit up and pay attention.

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Are you brave enough to put a Fermi notebook on your lap?

Subject: Mobile | July 13, 2010 - 12:39 PM |

The AVADirect Clevo W880CU is quite a machine, a 17.3" 1920x1080 display which is powered by a Core i7-820QM, 4GB of DDR3-1333 and most importantly a GeForce GTX 480M.  Surprisingly, the laptop weighs under 10lbs which is certainly heavier than a netbook shouldn't break your shoulder carrying it all day.  The battery functions more like a UPS than a battery, as it disables most of the power of the GPU when you use the battery, not using Optimus but something similar.

Source: AnandTech