Manufacturer: AMD

A much needed update

AMD's Catalyst Control Center was in a desperate need of an update and today AMD is in the final stages of releasing one. We have a quick preview of the new Catalyst Control Center 2 with some mostly aesthetic changes and a few functional ones that should make frequency CCC users happy.

How would the GTX 480 perform with 512 shaders?

Subject: Graphics Cards | December 10, 2010 - 01:27 PM |

Tweaktown is conducting a little experiment in what if today.  They are curious just what the GTX 480 would have performed like if it had been released with a full 512 shader instead of the 480 that were actually enabled.  To do so they took a GTX 580 and downclocked it to match the speeds of a stock GTX 480.  The power of those extra 32 shaders is obvious in the testing, sometimes resulting in a 10% jump over the GTX 480 when testing at higher reso

Source: TweakTown

ASUS GeForce GTX 570 Series Graphics Card Delivers Groundbreaking DirectX 11 Price/Performance

Subject: Graphics Cards | December 7, 2010 - 04:17 PM |

Fremont, CA (December 7, 2010) - ASUS, the world’s number #1 motherboard manufacturer and leading innovator in graphics cards, is proud to introduce NVIDIA’s latest high-end GPU, the GTX570 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) that features the fastest DX11 performance in its class.

Source: ASUS

The good news and the bad news about the GTX570

Subject: Graphics Cards | December 7, 2010 - 12:42 PM |

To hurdle the bad news about the new nVIDIA GTX570 for process junkies and tech lovers, there is almost nothing new about the card.  It still uses the GF110 GPU with a 3 billion transistor count, and there are 480 CUDA cores, 60 texture units and 40 ROPs which result in a 320-bit memory bus.  The only upside a full speed FP16 texture filtering addition and improved Z-cull efficiency.

Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Another GF110 Part

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 1.25GB graphics card brings very similar specifications to the GTX 480 with slightly improved clocks and a lower price that should please gamers looking for a holiday upgrade. But how does it compare to the best from AMD's single GPU offerings or even the high-end GeForce GTX 580?

How much Radeon do you need? Will a 5770 cut it?

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 22, 2010 - 02:11 PM |

Hardware Heaven has released a piece that examines the performance of the $140 XFX Radeon HD5770 in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor, F1 2010, Fallout New Vegas and Civilization 5 as well as playing BluRay movies.  What they found was  flawless performance pretty much across the board at a resolution of 1920x1080 with maximum detail levels.  If you are playing on a smaller monitor and aren't really planning on going with multi

NVIDIA launches new GTX 460 SE GPU to no fanfare

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 18, 2010 - 11:02 AM |

I have really never been able to recommend the GeForce GTX 460 768MB graphics card; the performance drop from the 1GB model to the 768MB model of these cards was much more dramatic than the slight frame buffer change would indicate.  The performance drop really came from the move from a 256-bit to a 192-bit memory bus width.  It would seem that NVIDIA was paying attention to this criticism and is releasing a new GF104-based GPU called the GeForce GTX 460 SE that still doesn't quite get it right. 

ASUS puts a bit of an overclock on their HD6870

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 16, 2010 - 02:43 PM |

It has been a good quarter for graphics enthusiasts as we have seen major releases from both GPU manufacturers in amongst the many other hardware updates that companies are getting in before the end of the year.  [H]ard|OCP had a chance to test out ASUS' first HD6870 card, one that comes with the same cooling solution but with a 15MHz GPU overclock bringing the frequency to 915MHz.  That overclock doesn't add much to the performance but you will be pl

Source: [H]ard|OCP

The difference a few shaders make

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 11, 2010 - 03:12 PM |

The HD6850 that Bjorn3D originally reviewed turned out to be a bit of a mutant, sporting an additional 160 shader units above the 960 that exists in the retail version.  So of course they grabbed a retail model for comparison.  It turns out that the 1120 shader model is noticeably different, it consumes more power and it provides a boost in performance, one that seems to grow compared to the retail model as resolution increases.  It is unlikely that you will have a chance to get a hold of an HD6850 that sport

Source: Bjorn3D

The GTX580 has arrived

Subject: Graphics Cards | November 9, 2010 - 01:15 PM |

If you want to know all about the GTX 580 you have a few reviews to go through, including Ryan's at the top of the page.  To bring you quick highlights, the GPU uses a full 512 CUDA cores and 16 streaming multiprocessors as opposed to only 15 SMs and 480 CUDA cores on the GTX 480.  The 772 MHz core, 1544 MHz shader, 1.5GB of 4008MHz GDDR5 and a 384-bit memory bus, a slight bump from the GTX480.