Deals for November 29th - Dell Vostro 2.9GHz Dual-core Slim Tower and 20-in Dell LCD for $339

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Top deal

Dell Vostro 270s 2.9GHz Dual-core Slim Tower w/ 20" Dell LED-backlit LCD Monitor for $339.99 @ Dell (normally $560).



15.6" Dell Inspiron 15z Core i5 Ivy Bridge Ultrabook (optional Touchscreen) for $699.99 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $939.99 – use coupon code 07J3ZFPC$14XS$).

17.3" Asus F75A-EH51 Core i5 Laptop for $499.99 with free shipping @ TigerDirect (normally $630).


HP ENVY 23-d060qd TouchSmart 23" 1080p Core i7 Ivy Bridge All-in-one for $974.99 with free shipping @ HP (normally $1,300 - use coupon code: DT1261).

Dell Optiplex 7010 Core i7 Ivy Bridge Quad-core Mini Tower for $629.00 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $1,057 - use coupon code: X?TWNHV1G8VMCB).

Computer Components

Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Ear Force Kilo Limited Edition Headset (TBS-4135-01) for $54.99 plus free shipping (normally $80).

Samsung 840 Series 250GB SATA 6Gb/s 7mm 2.5" SSD (MZ-7TD250BW) + Free FarCry 3 PC Game for $189.99.99 (normally $230).

Linksys E3200 Dual-Band Gigabit Ethernet USB Port Wireless-N Router (Refurbished) for $61.74 (normally $120 - use coupon code: HSDISH5).

25" HP 2511x 1080p LED-backlit LCD Monitor for $249.99 (normally $300).

EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature 2GB Video Card + 2 Free PC Game for $429.99 (normally $470 - use coupon code: GMC78619).


42" Sharp AQUOS LC-42LE540U 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV for $549.99 with free shipping (normally $800).

WD TV Live Streaming WiFi Media Player (Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, YouTube Streaming) for $69.99 with free shipping (normally $100).

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New 22nm Pentiums and Celerons for the new year

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There won't be any new Intel desktop processors for Christmas and even in the New Year it will be the entry level lineup that is first refreshed.  Six older Pentium and Celeron models will hit EOL and be replaced with new Ivy Bridge based 22nm models, likely with similar specs and reduced power consumption.  The news for mobile processors is a little better with the Core i7-3687, Core i5-3437U, Celeron 1037U, 1007U, 1020M and 1000M all slated for the first quarter of 2013.  DigiTime also mentions a new 20nm member of the 530 series of SSDs should be arriving at the same time.


"Intel is set to upgrade its entry-level desktop Pentium and Celeron product lines in the first quarter of 2013 with the launch of Ivy Bridge-based 22nm Pentium G2130, G2020 and G2020T and Celeron G1620, G1610 and G1610T processors, while its existing Sandy Bridge-based 32nm Pentium G870, G645 and G645T as well as Celeron G555, G550 and G550T will be phased out of the market starting the end of 2012, according to sources from the upstream supply chain."

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Oculus Rift to Ship March 2013

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When John Carmack, Gabe Newell, and the former designer formerly known as CliffyB endorse something, it holds more clout than your typical Kickstarter project.

The Oculus Rift is a set of VR-style glasses which enclose two screens with one for each eye. You are able to track head movement to look around. You are able to see in 3D without a loss of contrast or vibrancy or otherwise introduce visual artifacts -- provided it lives up to the hype and testimony.

The Oculus was originally expected to ship at some point in December although backers just received contact by email (I have been unable to find a linkable source as of publishing) that first shipments will be available in March.

Apparently the original 5.6” LCD displays that were used for the prototypes have been discontinued by their manufacturer. The new display performs better than the original but adds an extra 30 grams of weight.

Oculus also decided to design their own VR sensors to track head motion. The new sensor polls 1000 times per second and adds a magnetometer, likely to be utilized as a compass, alongside the accelerometer and gyroscope found on the original prototype. I am not too certain how that will affect much of the core functionality but should allow for some interesting side projects.

If you held out through the duration of the Kickstarter funding period, the Oculus is available for pre-order with those units expected to ship in April.

Source: Kickstarter

Microsoft Rumored to Release Subscription-based Windows Blue Update in 2013

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In other Microsoft news, the company is rumored to be working on its next generation operating system. Codenamed Windows Blue, it will be a low cost upgrade for existing Windows users that will be based on a subscription service for updates.

Details are extremely scarce at this point but it does seem like a probable move from Microsoft. It does seem like Microsoft has been moving in that direction for some time now. According to The Verge in reporting on sources in the know, Windows Blue will keep the Windows 8 name for branding purposes but the OS will receive a new SDK, UI changes, and performance tweaks during yearly updates. The updates are due in mid-2013, and the Windows Blue update service will span from Windows 8 to Windows Phone (Windows Server was not mentioned). Oddly enough, with the Windows Blue update Microsoft will stop accepting new Windows Store applications built to run on Windows 8. The Windows Store will continue to allow existing Windows 8 applications, but will require developers to rewrite their applications using the new SDK in order to get them on the Store for users running Windows Blue subscription service.


It is a lot to take in, and there are many unknowns at this point. Do you think Microsoft has a good idea with the yearly subscription model, or will it cause backlash from users used to the way Windows has worked for years. Especially those that buy an OEM system with a pre-installed OS and use it until something breaks. Will they be receptive to yet another subscription service for an OS that traditionally has been a one-time purchase?

Assuming it is a good idea, how much would you pay for yearly updates? Will the Windows Store be enough of a success to essentially subsidize the development cost and allow for cheap pricing on the subscriptions?

Find more details on the rumored Windows Blue subscription over at The Verge.

Source: The Verge

Making a case for the reboot of one of the oldest multiplayer shooters

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Having seen Dust2 more times than is probably healthy makes picking up CounterStrike Global Offensive less attractive than perhaps it should be.  The Tech Report makes a strong case for the game, especially when it comes to weapons loadout.  Instead of spending the beginning of a game taking a random amount of time pulling out your favourite super rifle which you earned after putting 80 hours into the game, everyone has the same amount of time to purchase the same variety of weapons.  Since the money comes from kills you got previously on the map and not a stockpile that began from the first time you ever played the game you will never fall too far behind the competition, no matter how infrequently you play.  Not getting rewards might chase off some fans, but that might also improve the quality of in game chat, so it is not really a bad thing.  Check it out and see if they can convince you to get AWPed again.


"I picked up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last week. I don't know why it took me so long—the game came out in August, after all, and it costs only $15. Anyway, I was playing Battlefield 3 with a buddy of mine, and we were both getting slaughtered by a whole team's worth of veterans—you know, those folks with the golden eagles next to their names and every unlock in their arsenals. I mentioned CS:GO in passing, and my friend asked, "Why aren't we playing that right now?""

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Deals for November 28th - Alienware M17x Core i7 Ivy Bridge + 7970M Laptop for $1949

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Top deal

17.3" Alienware M17x r4 Core i7 Ivy Bridge 1080p Gaming Laptop w/ 2GB Radeon HD 7970M @ Dell (normally $1,949.00 – use coupon code PDK7D6CDCMH7C2).



15.6" Toshiba Satellite S850-BT3N22 Core i7 Quad Laptop w/Win 8, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD for $599.99 with free shipping @ Toshiba (normally $939.99).

15.6" Lenovo IdeaPad U510 Core i7 Ivy Bridge Laptop for $769.00 with free shipping @ Lenovo (normally $1,200 – use coupon code CYBERMONDAY).

15.6" HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15t-b000 Core i3 Laptop w/ Windows 8 for $459.99 with free shipping @ HP (normally $1,200 – use coupon code 20LOGICBUY).

18.4" Alienware m18x r2 Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" Quad-core 1080p Gaming Laptop w/ 2GB GeForce GTX 660M for $1,649.00 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $2,000 – use coupon code PDK7D6CDCMH7C2).


HP ENVY h8-1420t Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" Quad-core Desktop PC for $679.99 with free shipping @ HP (normally $799.99 - use coupon code: X?7JZWGVK64?LS).

Computer Components

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard for $39.99 plus free shipping (normally $60).

Logitech Performance Mouse MX for $74.99 (normally $100).

WD My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive (WDBBEP0010BBK) for $79.99 (normally $100).

Samsung MD230X3 23" x 3 Multi-display Monitor for $1.593.99 (normally $2,200).


55" LG 55LM4600 1080p 3D 120Hz LED HDTV for $899.99 with free shipping (normally $1400).

Pinnacle MB10000 Microburst Home Theater System for $369.99 with free shipping (normally $760).

LG Electronics NB2420A 2-Channel Soundbar w/ Bluetooth Connectivity for $119.99 with free shipping (normally $300).

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Take a moment to remember the failures

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The Register would like you to think back upon some examples of the great failures of the tech industry many of which you can currently buy the more successful descendants.  For instance while the Personal Data Assistant went the way of the Pony Express, trying to claim that the cell phone or phablet in your pocket doesn't bear the genes of a Palm Pilot is a bit silly.  How about PointCast, which would push information such as stock market data to your machine without you needing to run your web browser in the background, while Yahoo and other portals spelled the end of what were called Push Services, it does live on in Blackberrys.  What about webtops and the idea that desktop operating systems would be replaced by an always on networked which provides web-based services, apps and file-stores; seen anything like that floating around?


If this doesn't make you cringe then get off my lawn you kid!

"Nokia's N-Gage, Palm's Foleo, Motorola's Atrix, Apple's Newton MessagePad, HD DVD, Sony's Rolly, Sony's Mylo, Philips' CD-i, Commodore's CD-TV, IBM's PCJr, the Camputer's Lynx, Gizmondo, the Phantom, Atari's Jaguar, MySpace, Beenz - behind every iPad there are dozens and dozens of technology products that aspired to greatness but were successful only in their distinct lack of commercial success."

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Microsoft Sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses in First Month

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Analysts and computer enthusiasts have been predicting the success (or demise) of Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system for some time now. Fortunately, we finally have some rough sales numbers from the Redmond-based software company to go off of. In short, despite the controversial nature of the operating system Microsoft has a winner on its hands.

Microsoft Windows 8 Modern UI Desktop.jpg

As the first month of Windows 8’s retail availability came to a close, Microsoft’s Tami Reller announced that the company has sold 40 million licenses so far. The company did not specify how those licenses broke down as far as the SKU and how many were OEM/Upgrade/Retail copies. It is also unclear whether the free Windows 8 Pro keys the company accidentally gave out were included in the number (hehe).

One other interesting tidbit that Microsoft did share was that the Windows Store has seen several apps that have made more than $25,000 with the developer and Microsoft doing an 80/20-percent split of the revenue.

As a point of comparison, Windows 7 sold 60 million copes over a two month period, so it will be interesting to see if Windows 8 will surpass that 60 million mark at the end of next month or not. Right now, it is looking promising.There are quite a few things to be wary of in the new operating system, but there is also a lot of under-the-hood performance tweaks that are worth putting up with the other changes for. It will be interesting to see where the OS goes from here and how it is received on the enterprise side of things.

Source: Microsoft

Deals for November 27th - Free Nook with HP Laptop or Desktop Purchase!

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Top deal

Buy an HP Laptop or Desktop, get Free NOOK Simple Touch @ HP



15.6" Toshiba Satellite C850D-BT3N11 AMD E1-1200 Laptop (customizable) for $279.99 with free shipping @ Toshiba (normally $510 – use coupon codeCMC850D).

14" Dell Inspiron 14z 3rd Gen Core i3 Ultrabook w/ 32GB SSD, Windows 8 for $549.99 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $640 – use coupon code744P1564GM6V16).


Dell XPS 8500 Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" Desktop w/ 24" UltraSharp LCD Monitor for $849.99 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $1,244 - use coupon code: X?7JZWGVK64?LS).

Dell Vostro 470 Core i5 "Ivy Bridge" Quad-core Desktop w/ Dual 21.5" LCD Monitors for $749.00 with free shipping @ Dell (normally $814.00 - use coupon code: X?TWNHV1G8VMCB).

Computer Components

23" Dell U2312HM UltraSharp 1080p IPS-panel LCD Monitor for $199.00 plus free shipping (normally $300 - use coupon code: X?TWNHV1G8VMCB).

21.5" Dell S2230MX Ultra-slim 1080p LCD Monitor for $109.99 with free shipping (normally $260 - use coupon code: L33BD4X1XJMRC1).

21.5" Dell U2212HM UltraSharp 1080p IPS-panel LCD Monitor with DisplayPort for $189.99 with free shipping (normally $260 - use coupon code: SWMV$C6T7Q9ZDR).


Klipsch Icon SB 1 Soundbar w/ 10" Wireless Subwoofer for $499.99 with free shipping (normally $600).

40"Toshiba 40E220U 1080p LCD HDTV for $377.46 with free shipping (normally $500).

Sony Elite Wireless PS3 Gaming Headset for $119.99 with Free Shipping (normally $140).


Lee Jeans Sale: Up to 50% off

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The new strong ARM line up of X-Men from Applied Micro Circuits

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There is more choice to put ARM power into your server room with three new products with varying roles.  The first is the X-Compute card with a single 8 core X-Gene processor and up to 128GB of memory, connectivity is three gigabit and one 10 gigabit ethernet ports. This they see running web apps and monitoring or load balancing purposes.  Next is the X-Memory machine with 16 cores thanks to two X-Gene chips and it can support up to 256GB of memory, its connectivity is a little more advanced with two 10 gigabit connections in addition to three gigabit connections.  Obviously this is intended for memory dependent applications which don't depend on high density local storage.  Last but certainly not least is the biggest member, the X-Storage which can handle up to 11 3.5" SATA drives and an additional three 2.5" SATA drives and sports a single eight X-Gene processor, up to 32GB of memory plus one gigabit and one 10 gigabit networking port.  The Register doesn't have benchmarks but you can see what these devices will look like right here.


"Applied Micro Circuits is not yet shipping its first X-Gene ARM-based processor aimed at servers, and it is going to be a while yet before it can get the processors into the field. But because there is so much at stake, Applied Micro can't afford to be left out of any conversations about ARM Holding's attack on the data center. The reason? It has invested very heavily (at least relative to its size) in this X-Gene project."

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