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In Part 1 of our new Building a Home Theater series, we will introduce you to the basics of Home Theater and take a detailed look at some fundamental design goals, room layouts, and component placement options.

Testing Embeds

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Happy New Year to all of our readers!!!

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Tagged: dog with the party hat on my calendar tells me that today is New Year's Eve...I had no idea.  We have been working on SO much stuff since early December that the entirety of this holiday-laden finale to the year has simply soared by me.  Testing for several articles coming up very quickly in the new year (2010, btw) is still being run a

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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I apologize for the lack of news and updates this Thursday, but most of our staff is with, or on their way to, family and family events for the Christmas holiday.  I have been busy in the house today testing some new hardware for post-New Years reviews and hardware launches while putting finishing touches on presents and goodies to spread around to our friends and relatives.  I have also been making year-end donations to places like the SPCA and

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Survive and thrive

When disaster strikes, will you rise to the occasion? PC Perspective gives you this (questionably) insightful guide into surviving a snowed-in car, while still maintaining your ability to work or play with your gear.

Please help us help others: Lynnfield gaming system raffle for charity

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Hurry!! Only a few days left to enter!!!  Help us reach our goal!

Every once in a while a worthy cause comes along that really makes you sit up and realize how lucky you are and how much more you could be doing for others. Recently some very close friends of ours gave birth to their first child, Gabriel Thomas Lawrence, who was born with Down Syndrome and other various heart and breathing complications. He is proving to be a very tough little boy, fighting his problems in and out of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Video from PC Perspective Hardware Workshop is LIVE

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I have had quite a few people asking for it, but it just FINALLY got finished uploading and converting - so here is the full video from the PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2009 that we hosted at QuakeCon 2009!!  Enjoy!

Watch us record the PC Perspective Podcast LIVE!!!

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Are you ready for This Week in Computer Hardware LIVE right here or by visiting  Lot's of great topics on the agenda for tonight!!!  On the road to QuakeCon 2009!!

This Week in Computer Hardware (TWiCH) #34 now available to stream

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Sorry for the longer than normal delay, but I finally got this week's This Week in Computer Hardware (TWiCH) online, episode #34 with myself and Leo Laporte.  Enjoy! 
If you want to catch our weekly LIVE episodes, just check back here on or at every Wednesday at 6pm ET!

(Details on Quakecon and possible live streaming of that event are included as well!)

Sorry for the delay: PC Perspective Podcast #67 is live - and on video!

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Apologies for the delay this week, but the PC Perspective Podcast, episode #67, was posted up yesterday after a lengthy upload process.  I am on vacation with the Mrs. (actually packing for the trip home now) but was still able to record, edit and post the darn thing for you!  How's that for dedication / lunacy?!?

In any event, be sure to check out the audio version at and subscribe if you haven't already.  And I have included the video version below as well!