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Shuttle SS40G Barebones AMD System

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Manufacturer: Shuttle


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Straying a bit from our norm of cases, I now include a barebones system in continuation of the series of innovative and interesting computer enclosures in which I bring you the review of the Shuttle SS40G Barebones AMD System. This case stands as the first FlexATX based that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. There is a trend stirring to make high-powered systems smaller and this is the first mainstream AMD barebones system you can find on our way to a true Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC).

The SS40G barebones system is small, so small that three of these systems piled on top of one another would find it difficult to take up the same space as my last enclosure review, the Antec Performance Plus 1080B SOHO Server. Here are the specs for SS40G barebones system as provided by Shuttle.


Shuttle SS40 Barebones AMD System

CPU Socket

Socket A (200/266 MHz Support)



Form Factor


Memory Support

2 x 184-pin DDR DRAM PC1600/PC2100 Support

Expansion Slots

2/0/0/0 (PCI/ISA/AGP/CNR)

AGP Support

4x AGP (internal only)

USB Support

4x Standard USB ports

2x Front 2x Back

Integrated Components

6-channel C-Media Audio

10/100 LAN

Integrated SiS315 VGA

2x IEEE1394 Ports

Onboard IDE

2 x ATA100 EIDE

These specs from Shuttle are as accurate as they come. Only things missing is the mention of the I/O cables for your drives and the TV-out connector included in the box along with some thermal grease. I’m glad to see pretty good accuracy of their specs on their website even with a few things missing from their specs rather than the other way around of a few things missing from the box. Let’s take a look at this ultra small system.

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