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Puget Systems Serenity SPCR Edition Ultra Quiet Gaming PC Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Systems
Manufacturer: Puget Systems

Noise Levels, Performance, Pricing and Final Thoughts

Noise Testing
As you saw in our video review (on the first page and embedded below), the Puget Systems Serenity SPCR Edition is dead quiet.  The lowest we could get our ambient noise levels to with everything off and everyone holding their breath was about 27-28db (as measured by our Extech sound level meter) and our system never went OVER that even while it had been running loops of 3DMark Vantage for several hours.  This is definitely a testament to the work that Puget put into a high quality design and they obviously met their goal of creating one of the quietest PCs (let alone a system capable of solid gaming) we have ever used!  
The CPU and GPU performance on the Puget Systems Serenity is going to fall right in line with what we would expect.  Because there is no overclocking going on here the components are all going to be very familiar.
The GPU score in our default 3DMark Vantage tests puts the pair of silent Radeon HD 5750 cards in CrossFire at about the same level as a single GeForce GTX 470 or a highly overclocked GTX 460.  These are high-end graphics levels by any stretch but the performance is more than enough for a solid run of gaming at 1920x1200 for just about any title.  
Looking at our system or CPU oriented testing shows that the Puget Systems Serenity as we have it configured is basically on par with a system running a Core i5-750 in any other environment.  Both the CB10 and the POV-Ray results (2659.31 PPS) are withing a margin of error of our previous Core i5-750 CPU tests.  
Custom built systems are always going to be more expensive than the equipment priced out at your favorite online retailer.  Our system cost was just about $2400 or so and that includes shipping and lifetime labor, 1 year parts warranty.  From a pure component stand point, there is nothing really "special" about the Serenty as we tested it: Core i5-750 CPU, dual HD 5750 graphics cards, X25-M 80GB SSD; it's a great gaming system for just about anyone but it is nothing you couldn't build yourself in an afternoon.
What you might not get is the build quality or the extremely impressive noise levels that Puget is able to provide with their experience and trial-by-fire method of system construction.  If you have a budget in mind and you know that sound is very important to you, then I would definitely take a look at what the Puget Serenity can provide.
Final Thoughts

The Puget Systems Serenity isn't the first truly quiet PC we have ever seen, but it aims to be the first to provide ample gaming experience as well as sub-20db noise levels while doing so.  Puget has impressed us with two custom built gaming rigs and they are promising even more unique solutions to common PC problems coming up in the very near future.  

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