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Sandforce SSD Roundup Part Deux: 120GB Patriot Inferno, Corsair Force F120, and OWC Mercury Extreme Pro

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: Corsair Components

Introduction and Packaging



Since OCZ updated their line of SandForce SSD's back in May, other manufacturers have been following suit. Though unlocking an additional 20% capacity was theoretically possible with only a firmware update, many opted to create a new model nomenclature for easier marketing of the increased capacity. A few of those new models have trickled into the lab over the past month, and it's as good a time as any to put them to the test.

New Sandforce units: Corsair Force F120, OWC Mercury Extreme Pro, Patriot Inferno, and our OCZ Agility 2 sample from May.

The SandForce controller functional block diagram.
The Sandforce controller remains unchanged, and the internals follow the previous model as well. The only difference here is in the firmware driving the controller. With such identical configurations across the board, I suspect few surprises in this round of testing.