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SSD Roundup: Indilinx vs. Samsung vs. Intel (or why size matters)

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology


Over the past few weeks we have seen an influx of companies getting into the SSD game.  Most have been memory makers like Patriot and Crucial.  One can see their motivation, since a memory maker without a line of Solid State Drives seems out of place.  Most of these companies have opted to go the easy route, adopting and rebranding technology from Samsung, Indilinx and JMicron.  We obtained a few samples from these newcomers to help fill some gaps in our performance figures, the biggest of which being the fact that smaller capacity SSDs from Samsung and Indilinx are rated at lower speeds than larger capacities based on the same controller.

The contenders:


Corsair P64 provided by Corsair

OCZ Summit 120 provided by OCZ

The Samsung controller prefers 8 hard-wired channels.


PhotoFast G-Monster V4S 32 (SLC) provided by DVNation

Crucial CT64M225 provided by Crucial

OCZ Vertex Turbo 120 provided by OCZ

The Indilinx Barefoot controller: 4 physical channels, each of which can address 16 'virtual' channels.

We also included an OCZ Vertex, Intel X25-M, and VelociRaptor 300 as reference benchmarks for our testing.

Read on for the goods!

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