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OCZ tweaks SandForce firmware, gains 20% storage capacity!

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology

PCPer File Copy Test

PC Perspective File-Copy Test v0.3

Our custom PCPer-FC test does some fairly simple file
creation and copy routines in order to test the storage system for
speed.  The script creates a set of files of varying sizes, times the
creation process, then copies the same files to another partition on the
same hard drive and times the copy process as well.  There are four
file patterns that we used to try and find any strong or weak points in
the hardware: 10 files @ 1000 MB each, 100 files @ 100 MB each, 500
files @ 10 MB each and 1000 files at 1 MB each. 

Both Agility 2 models yield identical results.

April 19, 2011 | 12:03 PM - Posted by ali (not verified)

OCZ has not released this firmware because they want people to buy another drive. Greedy!