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An Inside Look at Intel and Micron 25nm Flash Memory Production

Subject: Storage
Manufacturer: Intel


Our storage guru took a stroll through a state of the art flash memory plant in Lehi, Utah. This plant, dubbed 'IM Flash Technologies', is jointly run by both Intel and Micron. Together they have announced the smallest production transistor process on the planet, and are now in volume production of this new 25nm flash memory. Allyn came back with some sweet pics, so check it out already!Intel and Micron have jointly announced a die shrink of their flash memory.  What used to be so-called '2x nm' flash as a future stepping stone is now officially 25nm.  This puts the joint effort significantly ahead of the competition in terms of die shrink and capacity.  PCPer was invited along with a select group out to Lehi, Utah for an exclusive look at this new technology in the making.

If you look closely in this pic you'll see Troy Winslow of Intel and to the left, the goatee of Hot Hardware's Mathew Miranda.

A close up shot of the new 25nm flash.  Each rectangular section is 2GB, adding up to 8GB on a single die!

** Note: A news leak last Friday prompted some news and review sites to publish early.  PC Perspective chose to honor the original NDA for our full coverage out of respect to Intel and Micron. **

Read on for several pages of fab tour awesomeness!

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