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Quakecon 2010: Day 3 Coverage

Author: Steve Grever
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Mustang Winners, Conclusion

2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang Winners

Before they chose the winners of the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustangs, the Quakecon staff had about 10 more tickets to give away at the awards show. To keep it random, they hid tickets in about 50 t-shirts they started slingshotting into the crowd. 


Todd also gave away a few more tickets using the Quakecon 2010 Quickdraw raffle that people received prizes from throughout the entire event.


These two lucky bastards won the cars. The best story out of all of this is that the guy on the left bought his ticket from the biggest loser at Quakecon for $200. These guys couldn't decide on if they wanted the red or blue Mustang so they battled it out in some Quake Live for it.


Quakecon 2010 Random Shots and Conclusion

After 72 hours of non-stop gaming, demonstrations, prizes, t-shirts, and other giveaways I'd have to say this was a pretty sweet Quakecon at the Hilton Anatole this year. Even with the network issues in the BYOC, the sponsors and volunteers did an outstanding job making gamers feel welcome and keeping them excited throughout the event. Even the Quakecon girl named Stephanie above seemed to be having a great time.


We'd like to thank all the attendees for rockin' out with us at the hardware workshop as well. We gave away tons of prizes and t-shirts and were very thankful for all the support from our sponsors too. I know everyone had a kick-ass time learning about the latest motherboards from ASUS and the PhysX demonstration where Ryan's head exploded. Priceless.


Even Fatality seemed to enjoy the action at Quakecon. I'm sure the Quakecon girls above had something to do with it.


John Carmack continues to wow us every year with his keynote address. His insight into the gaming industry as well as the computer industry as a whole is always a treat to listen to and gleen anything we can from his extensive knowledge and experience.


We had a great time walking about the BYOC with Heather from Western Digital as we hooked up several lucky gamers with new terabyte and raptor hard drives. They were so surprised and eager to exchange their old hard drives for new ones too.


Another Quakecon is in the book my friends. Everyone here at PC Perspective had an awesome time hanging out with our readers and fans and we hope to see you all at next year's hardware workshop!


May 23, 2011 | 11:37 AM - Posted by brent (not verified)

this game is kick ass

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