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Quakecon 2010: Day 2 Coverage

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Game Demonstrations: RAGE and Hunted

id Software announces RAGE U.S., Europe release dates

Day 2 of Quakecon 2010 brought exciting news about id Software's RAGE FPS game as they announced the release dates for U.S. and European markets. The U.S. release date is Sept. 13, 2011 and the Europe release date is Sept. 15, 2011. This is still a long way off from now, but id Software's Tim Willits drew a line in the sand and said these release dates will be met by his company.


Another cool feature about the RAGE demonstration was that they showed three members of the id Software team playing RAGE on the PS3, XBox 360, and the PC simultaneously. They showed each platform on different screens to give the audience a sense of how the game play will be between the different platforms and to prove how much they wanted RAGE to be a cross-platform game. The crowd cheered several times as the PC smoked both the XBox 360 and PS3 when the game was loading new maps too.


This demo gave us a taste of some of the different levels id Software created for RAGE. They also showcased some of the vehicles and weapons people can use and the thought process behind some of the strategy they wanted gamers to focus on to succeed in completing missions.


inXile gives first public demonstration of Hunted: The Demon's Forge

The final game demonstration of the day came from inXile as they unveiled the first public showing of their new title called Hunted: The Demon's Forge. The game uses two mercenaries named E'lara and Caddoc who are challenged with finding where all the innocent villagers have been
taken. Their journey takes them deep within
the world of Kala Moor and to the secrets of The Demon’s Forge.


inXile's creative director Maxx Kaufman and president Matthew Findley played the Hunted together and went through the basic game play, environmental features, and some of the weapons people can use in the game. They also showed us how they can switch players at checkpoints throughout the game to give both gamers a chance to play with each character.


E'lara uses a bow as her primary weapon and is more of a long-range threat compared to her counterpart Caddoc who wields a sword and prefers ground combat at closer ranges. The details in the characters and overall environment were outstanding and the game play seemed to really focus on the co-op aspect where both gamers will need to use teamwork to complete missions and find the innocent villagers.


There isn't a release date set for Hunted, but the overall graphics, immersive and colorful environments, and depth of characters should really make this fantasy cooperative action game a hit in the gaming community.


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