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Quakecon 2009 - Day 2 and 3 coverage

Author: Steve Grever
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NVidia Giveaway and 3D Vision demo

NVIDIA "What would you do for prizes" contest and 3D Vision demo

NVIDIA used their time on the main stage to host what could only be described as a "What would you do for prizes" contest that consisted of bringing Quakecon attendees up on stage to see how far they would go to win prizes from a variety of vendors including NVIDIA, ASUS, Cooler Master, Fatal1ty, Bawls, and more.


One of the first contests NVIDIA started off with was finding the harriest gamer at Quakecon. About eight guys took off their shirts to unveil their back and neck hair and then the crowd chose the harriest person on stage. But that was just the first half of the challenge. Next, that person had to bargain with NVIDIA on how many goodies and swag it would take to get his chest waxed completely. The person who won is actually a friend of mine named Mitch "Defragmentor" Miller (shown above) from Friday Night Frag Fest in Denver, Colorado.


Defragmentor didn't make as much of a peep as he drank Bawls and got his entire chest waxed. For his efforts, he won a $5,000 computer from Cyberpower and a new Microsoft Zune HD that hasn't been released yet.


Gamer "Mental Suicide" ate eight live gold fish and swallowed them whole to win a heatsink and power supply during the event. Yuck.


This female contestant ate four gold fish and seemed to enjoy herself while doing it.


One of the craziest contests during the event was this game to see who could pull out the most strawberries from a large container filled with vasoline. Needless to say, the girl in the middle looked like Cameron Diaz from Something about Mary after the event was completed. She only took second place for her efforts, but still landed some nice swag.


Hoards of gamers cheered as NVIDIA ran through the aisles looking to give the craziest attendees some cool hardware.


These two gamers were fighting over a Thermaltake Element S case so Tom from NVIDIA made them play three games of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the winner. The dude on the left won.


NVIDIA picked six people out of the crowd to build two case mods using Zotac ION-based mini ITX motherboards. Many of the people chosen didn't know anything about case modding, so NVIDIA assigned two guys from Modders Inc. to help them build their creations.


Here's the final product from one of the case mod teams. It has a huge blue ION logo on top of their case that uses Bawls bottles as legs to stand on. The system didn't need to work so all they had to focus on was the design of the case. They were pretty ugly to be honest, but it was all in good fun.


The "Chairman" of the event judged each case and selected the winner of the case mod contest. He ended up chosing the huge ION sign case over this truck-looking case mod.


The final event NVIDIA featured was a cool 3D demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum on a 60-foot screen showcasing NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology. Ryan has written about this technology in the past, so check out his review for all the specifics. Overall, the entire NVIDIA event really brought "user participation" to a whole new level. People ate gold fish, waxed their chest hair, built case mods, and even played Rock, Paper, Scissors to earn thousands of dollars in prizes.


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