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PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2010 @ Quakecon 2010

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

Introduction, Prizes, Case Mod Finalists, NVIDIA Presentation

Extended Coverage of the workshop from our very own Steve Grever!!

Watch the entire hardware workshop on UStream!


Introduction and Prizes

The 2nd Annual PC Perspective Hardware Workshop at this year's
Quakecon was a huge success as we gave out more than $30,000 in
hardware. Our friends at ASUS hooked attendees up an indepth look at
overclocking with ASUS's high-end Rampage and Maximus series of
motherboards. NVIDIA also gave a short PhysX presentation and handed out
hundreds of t-shirts and "snuggies" to the crowd.


The two-hour event was a huge success and we'd like to thank all our
sponsors including EVGA, ASUS, NVIDIA, CoolerMaster, OCZ, Corsair,
Western Digital, Galaxy, Thermaltake, AMD, ECS, Antec, MSI, NZXT,
Patriot Memory, Sapphire, Seasonic, XFX, and Zalman. We'd also like to
give special recognition to ASUS and Puget Systems for providing us with
high-end gaming systems that went to two lucky attendees!


We also worked with Case Appeals to build this custom AV8 show case that features an ASUS Maximus III
Gene and Intel i7-860 processor. The red and black color scheme is
really set off by all the colored acrylic below the motherboard tray


To ensure everyone had an opportunity to win something, we handed out
these raffle tickets to all attendees. This really helped even out the
competition for our prizes and everyone seemed to appreciate knowing
they all had a chance to win prizes regardless of their seat at the


Ryan also took a few hardware questions from the crowd ranging from
benefits of using solid state drives and the state of the video card
industry. This was a great way to get feedback from the audience on
their take for current industry trends and also for the PC Perspective
editor-in-chief to give his expert insights into today's latest


Case Mod Finalists

We received more than 30 entries for this year's case mod
competition, but these mods above stood out from the rest with their
unique themes, custom watercooling, and other innovative features they
added to their rigs. The two cases on the left are the finalists for the
pre-fab category while the mini bike is one of the finalists for the
custom built category.


This beast is also a finalist in the custom built category. It
includes two full computer systems with backup power supplies, nine hard
drives, and room for a mini fridge, laptop, optical drives, and other
equipment he needs on the go.


NVIDIA Presentation

NVIDIA handed out tons of swag during this portion of the workshop,
but they also had this neat PhysX presentation that poked a few jabs at
our boss Ryan. They put a nice pic of Ryan on two walls and smashed the
walls to show how PhysX technology works and adds more realism to modern
games today.


We had to show Ryan's face getting smashed by a dummy. The wood
splintering off looked awesome as well as pieces of concrete flying all
over the place.


One of the biggest hits of the workshop, and some would say the
entire Quakecon event, was NVIDIA's "snuggies", which are basically
blankets you can wear. People couldn't get enough of them, and we
started bundling them with prizes toward the end of the event.

May 5, 2012 | 03:52 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Last photo Nerds haha ;p nice show!

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