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PC Perspective Hardware Workshop 2010 @ Quakecon 2010

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

ASUS Presentation, Case Mod Contest Winners

ASUS Presentation

Brian from ASUS went over the entire line of Republic of Gamers motherboards and showcased a new board called the

ROG Rampage III Formula. This is the first time ASUS has shown this X58-based board in the U.S. too.


Brian also discussed the Republic of Gamers Tour and discussed how
they are working with gamers to let them know the benefits their product
line provides. The tour included information on overclocking, folding
at home, and case modding.


ASUS also showcase a new sound card called the Xonar Xense that's not even
released to the public yet. They worked with Sennheiser to develop a
special headset they could bundle with this card. They even gave it to a
lucky attendee who was able to name every motherboard in their line of
ROG boards. Brian also said this card/headset combo would be available
for about $300 when it's released. Very cool.


Emily aka Kaboom from ASUS is new to their team and is working to
promote female gamers and overclockers. She discussed raising awareness
for female gamers and helping ASUS market to this audience better.


ASUS worked with Digital Storm to put together a custom gaming system
with an i5-655k, Swifttech watercooling, Corsair SSD, 4GB DDR3,
Corsair 1200W modular power supply, and GTX460 video card, that they
gave away at the workshop. To win the rig, someone had to catch the
Maximus III Gene user manual you see in his hand in the picture. One
lucky guy actually caught in fully intact and took home the case.


Case Mod Contest Winners

Hunted DeToy explained the history of this ancient Aspire case that
he turned into a watercooling beast. This mid tower case features two
double radiators and one single radiator to cool his CPU and graphics
cards. Everything is completely internal, which by itself is a difficult
and challenging mod to attempt.  


Duncan Lassiter used a Danger Den case and creased more watercooling
goodness with two massive double radiators and fans. The most unique
aspect of this case was the custom light system that could be modified
with a touch of a button. He also integrated the lighting system into
his keyboard to have the same effect on both components.


Tom Davis converted this mini motorcycle into a fully functioning PC
by adding a VIA mini ITX motherboard and other small form factor
hardware while still keeping the bike intact and ridable. He also plans
to add an LCD display to the front of the bike to complete the overall
look and theme.


Derrick "DuoPlus" Jackson, one of our finalists from last year's case
mod contest, came back with a totally new case that features two full
PCs, nine hard drives, mini fridge, water cooling, and two
uninteruptable power supplies at the bottom of the case. He built the
entire case from scratch and said he spent more than 300 hours building
and perfecting this masterpiece.


In the pre-fab category, the audience chose Lassiter and his custom
Danger Den case as the overall winner. Here he is holding one of the
coveted NVIDIA snuggies that everyone was raving about at this year's
Quakecon. He also took home a ton of hardware including a GTX 460,
CoolerMaster 1000W power suppy, Corsair SSD, and a Corsair H70
watercooling unit.


Jackson easily took top honors in the custom built category and
received tons of hardware and swag for his efforts. Both overall winners
also received raffle tickets for a chance to win one of the 2011 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Coupes.


May 5, 2012 | 03:52 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Last photo Nerds haha ;p nice show!

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