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IDF Spring 2006 Day 1: New Core Architecture Overview

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: Intel

Merom and Conroe Make Their Debut

Merom vs Conroe

Merom is the mobile version of this new architecture that will replace the current line up of processors in the Core Duo platform.  Merom is apparently going to offer a 20% or greater performance boost over the Yonah while maintaining the same constant battery life that we have all grown accustomed to.  Does this mean that if you are do 20% less work on your PC you'll see some batter life gains?  I don't think this will end up working out that way but I'll do some more research here.

The desktop core, dubbed Conroe, uses the same new core architecture, has even more impressive results according to Intel.  They say they are seeing 40% less power consumption while at the same time seeing 40% better performance!  That is a huge swing from the Intel Pentium 4 NetBurst architecture and should be able to give AMD's K8 Athlons quite a run for its money.  Did I mention that the max TDP on the Conroe is set at 65 watts?  That is quite a change from even the latest Pentium NetBurst cores.


Finally, in the high profit server market, the Woodcrest core that is again using the same architecture, will see a 35% decrease in power consumption and an astounding 80% increase in performance!