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E3 2006 from a PC Perspective

Author: Ryan Shrout
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Dell and Alienware


Though I really wanted to call this page "Dellienware" I decided against it just to be nice.  Both companies had a lot on on display, though Dell didn't really have a centralized booth, their products were used as demo systems scattered around in other booths. 

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I did find several XPS notebooks sitting around different booth on display with very unique paint jobs. 

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Though the hardware itself was not labeled, I was told that these are paint options that Dell will soon be offering on an upcoming XPS notebook launch later this year.  Smells like Merom, doesn't it?


Alienware had a suite off the main show floor to display some of their latest wares. 

To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Superman Returns movie, Alienware is creating a very limited run of this Superman notebook; only 250 of them will be made. 

A desktop system will also be built, with this image as the case design, wrapped around it. 

The notebook was actually really nice looking with a glossy paint finish and a very Superman-like, and unique, blue paint job.  The system specifications were designed around a mid-range enthusiast platform with a single 7600 GPU and Core Duo processor.

Alienware also announced their own SLI notebooks this week at E3, and this is the first one.  This is a 19" screen, and the thing is freaking huge!  The picture doesn't do it justice, really.  For comparison, you can see the Superman notebook to the left of the Aurora mALX. 

The paint design on this system is also pretty impressive with a glossy black finish and nice detail along the top.  The hardware specs include an AMD Turion 64 processor, 2 GB of system memory, dual GeForce Go 7900 GTX 256 MB GPUs and up to 160 GB of hard drive space.  The machine weighs just over 10 lbs and the expected battery life is going to be about an hour to an hour and half I was told.  This is definitely not a traveler's notebook, but could make a frequent LAN party attendee very happy.

Alienware also has a second SLI notebook design, this time in a smaller 17" package.  The m9700 features the same AMD mobile Turion 64 processor but sports dual GeForce Go 7600 GT GPUs for some SLI action.  Also, this notebook supports RAID as well with two hard drives; a first for notebooks I believe. 

Finally, Alienware had a home/business machine on display that features integrated display and PC with a keyboard tray underneath.  Based on an Intel VIIV platform, this system isn't meant for gaming but for users looking for a classy or trendy PC for their kitchen or office. 

With a slick look (though the design has been finalized) and a slot loading DVD drive, this Core Duo based machine is definiately going to appeal to the "Apple" type of user into aesthetics.

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