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DAY 3!! IDF Live! Live Blogging from Intel Developer Forum Keynotes and Sessions

Manufacturer: Intel

Day 2 and Day 3

UPDATE - We are on day 3 of the Intel Developer Forum and are continuing with this whole Live Blog thing as people seemed to actually like it.  If you want to see the Live Blogs from day 1 including Craig Barrett's opening keynote, Pat Gelsinger's technical keynote, Intel's SSD announcement and a Nehalem technical overview, just head over the next page where I have stored them.  Thanks for reading!

Well, this is new.  For the first time at PC Perspective we are going to try a new way of covering tech events – live.  Though I feel somewhat dirty using the trendy, Web 2.0 term, the best way to describe what we are doing as “live blogging”.  What does that entail?  I sit in a conference hall or press meeting and listen to technical and executives at Intel and post up notes, information, pictures and more live as it happens so you get the news in as close to real time as possible.

Using the module you see below, you will not have to reload our page over and over to get the updates as I input them – they will be pushed automatically to your browser.  After the event is over, the notes and information will continue to be available here on this page just as normal PC Perspective article. 

For the Intel Developer Forum we’ll be covering the primary keynotes where we expect details of Intel’s Nehalem architecture and products to be announced and more information on Larrabee and the GPU coming soon from the blue giant.  We’ll also be live blogging any non-NDA technical sessions we have throughout the week; these are traditionally much in-depth and as such the notes will likely be used for a full write up at a later time. 

Of course with NVIDIA’s NVISION08 show coming up next week you can be sure we’ll be doing the same live blogging experiment there as well.  Please send me your thoughts or comments on this new format – like it? Hate it? Want to see something changed?

Current Live Blogs

Day 3 Keynotes: Justin Rattner, Intel Research and Development

Previous Live Blogs

Day 2 Keynotes: Ultra Mobility, Digital Home and Software

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