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Computex 2006 - Motherboards and Video Cards

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General


Asus always has a large booth area at Computex and seems to have one of the more impressive displays. 

First up, the NF 590 SLI based M2N32-SLI motherboard; we already have one of these in-house, so expect a review soon!

The much more modest Asus M2R32-MVP motherboard is based on the XPress 3200 chipset from ATI.

The P5B Deluxe motherboard is based on the Intel 965 chipset and supports upcoming Core 2 Duo processors.  It will use the ICH8R south bridge that employs more digital home functions than the ICH7. 

The P5W DH Deluxe board seen here uses the Intel 975X chipset but adds some other features such as a remote control and front panel device for a more HTPC style setup.

Asus also had a demonstration board, with no name or anything, that they used to show off some possible upcoming board features.  This back panel here on the board has an LCD panel on it for displaying POST and diagnostic codes that are much more readable than the current two-digit LED indicators.  Though you can't really tell in this shot, the icons that are on the back panel (including the mouse, keyboard and SPDIF, etc) light up so when you are poking your head around in the dark to plug in a USB device, you can see it!

This audio riser card is going to be implemented pretty shortly by Asus on upcoming boards.  It seperates the audio chip from other noise on the motherboard, but Asus hasn't said which audio codecs we'll actually see utilized yet.

Finally, here we see the most ambitious product, self-contained liquid cooling on a north bridge!! Yikes!!

Moving on to graphics cards, there were two Asus boards that stood out with support for HDMI on them.  This one here is a 7600 GT model.

You can see the HDMI output here along side a standard dual-link DVI output, TV output and even optical audio input so you can send both audio and video over the HDMI cable!

This card is an X1600 Pro GPU that also has HDMI support.

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