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Computex 2005 - Crossfire, C51 and More

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

Intel Motherboards

Intel also recently launched their dual core processors, but to much lower fan fare from the online media, even with their outreach to more price brackets.  There weren't a whole lot of innovations on the Intel front either, but we'll go over some of the better boards we saw.

MSI's nForce4 SLI Intel Edition motherboard is shown here with a new revision that sports logic on the board to detect if two video cards are installed, negating the need for a physical SLI paddle.

The Abit AW8 is an Intel 955X chipset motherboard that is the first to utilize a new OTES Silent Cool feature that appears to be cooling the north bridge without any noise from a fan.  Abit is claiming that overclocking is still very high on this board and that other boards with fans will have no advantages.

Abit also has an Intel Edition of their nForce4 SLI motherboard coming soon.

This board seen at the Gigabyte booth shows a dual PCIe x16 slot configuration on an Intel 945 chipset motherboard.  More proof of Intel's plans to officially enter the SLI and CrossFire market?

Here is an Asus board based on the VIA PT880 Ultra chipset, one we previewed quite a while ago.  If this comes to market it will give P4 users a chance to upgrade their platform and still utilize an AGP graphics card as well as to support PCIe GPUs as well.

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