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Computex 2004 Summary

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AMD Motherboards

My coverage of this show, unfortunately, comes a little later than most.  Being stuck in China without access to the Internet can hinder your ability to post an article, wouldn't you say?  In any event, I have a summary of what I saw at this year's Computex in Taipei in both picture and text form.

With the recent release of the new socket 939 processors from AMD, all the motherboard manufacturers had 939 solutions available based on various chipsets.

At the AMD booth, we saw this Tyan quad-Opteron motherboard sporting the age-old AMD 8000 series of chipsets.  This is a beast of a motherboard to say it lightly.

AMD was also showcasing the VIA K8T890 chipset, still unreleased.  This chipset does offer both AGP and PCIe support on the same motherboard, as you can see in this reference design above.

A similar situation is seen here, with the SiS 756 reference board on display at the AMD press conference. 

These two motherboards, from ECS and Gigabyte, are sporting the still unannounced NVIDIA nForce chipset, revision CK8-04.  The features include PCI Express, as you can see in the images, but the rest is still under wraps.

A close up of the chipset...

Here is the same chipset powering the dual processor motherboard from Iwill, the first dually platform from NVIDIA.  Notice also that the board also includes a chip from the AMD 8000 series.

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