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CES 2006 - Processors, GPUs and More - Video Coverage

Author: Ryan Shrout
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NVIDIA's booth was focused mainly on their consumer electronics technology such as their PureVideo and HTPC options, which makes sense for the main CES audience.  They did still have the gaming systems on display to show off the power of their entire lineup of GPUs. 

This HTPC system is based on the relatively new GeForce 6150 chipset and it was significant in the fact that NVIDIA was claiming to have H.264 decoding running on the system with GPU offloading.  Until this show, ATI was the only GPU company with H.264 support (well almost) and NVIDIA desperately need to match ATI's efforts in this area.

The other major showcase at the NVIDIA booth (on the second day) was the quad SLI configuration that NVIDIA and Dell announced at CES.  We had the first pictures and specs of this technology the first day, and you can see my initial coverage of it here.  Below I have photos of the units on display as well as video of the system in action as well.


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The first of two videos of NVIDIA's booth focuses on the HTPC PC technologies on display and already available GPU solutions.

Scene-by-scene: the Sony HTPC using a 6600 GPU with HDMI output, other PCs and notebooks using NVIDIA's technology, the big, black amplified unit is actually a more impressive HTPC with support for high end GPUs like the 7800 GTX, a Dell XPS system with GTX cards in SLI mode powering a new 30' Dell monitor running at 2560x1600, H.264 decode acceleration support running, a notebook with an HD-DVD drive working and playing on the GeForce Go 7600, the 6150-based machine also doing H.264 decoding. 

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This second video looks at the quad SLI on display as well as the Dell Renegade system that uses it.

Scene-by-scene: a quad SLI setup on display outside of the case, notice only two power connections total, also note the two sets of SLI connectors, FEAR is playing on the new Dell 30' monitor at the native 2560x1600 resolution with AA and AF turned on!, sneaking a peak inside the case.


ATI didn't really have any major announcements at the show though they did have some behind-closed-door meetings with the press about the upcoming R580 architecture.  Their main purpose at the show was to show off their dominance over NVIDIA in the mobile GPU market.

Here are just a few of the many notebooks that ATI is in either with discrete or integrated GPU solutions. 

While I would be lying if I said that ATI's desktop chipsets are doing well in the enthusiast market, they are doing well in other areas.  Here are a few boards on display that showcase CrossFire support.

Support for CrossFire without an external or internal dongle is being displayed in this system and could give ATI a boots in low end GPU sales.

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This video takes a look around the ATI booth and shows the various graphics cards, motherboards, phones, TVs and even the Xbox 360 at work marketing for ATI.  Note: this movie would not compress for some reason, so it is quite large in size!

Scene-by-scene: FireGL workstation products, and X1800 XT CrossFire at work, Mobility X1000 series wins, ATI's video technology is a numerous high end TVs, as Asus CrossFire system being displayed, motherboard partners and their boards on the display wall, lower end CrossFire config, Gateway CrossFire system, Alienware CrossFire system, custom ATI CrossFire system, Xbox 360 always getting lots of attention, especially with the unreleased Burnout being the game of choice, ATI's cell phone power on display.

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