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Intel V8 Media Creation System Review - Eight Cores of Power!

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Processors
Manufacturer: Intel

Motherboard BIOS Options

As we saw on the previous page, the hardware layout on the V8 motherboard is very different than other boards we have seen come across the PC Perspective test bench.  As it turns out, so is the BIOS -- but we again expected that.

As the motherboard is intended for a workstation/server design, the BIOS options that Intel provides on the S5000XVN are going to differ greatly.  Many of the options you see here will either be completely new to you or basically useless to an enthusiast but I thought that sharing this information would be helpful none the less.

These options are pretty standard and allow you to setup the SpeedStep technology, Virtualization support and more.

The processor information screen shows the Xeon X5365 is running at 3.0 GHz as we'd hoped!

Besides indicating WHICH modules are occupied, the memory options are pretty bare here.  You will not be tweaking and overclocking these modules here.

Ever needed to set the altitude that your system is at in order to properly adjust the automatic cooling on your computer?  Yeah, me either; but I'm going to now!

The rest of the features mainly focus on the server class options including things like event logs, watch dog timers and more.  This motherboard and system is pretty much "plug and play" when it comes to adjusting any system settings.

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