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AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHz Triple-Core Processor Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Processors
Manufacturer: AMD

Testing Methodology and System Setup

The test system configuration for our processor testing is pretty
straight forward and has been the norm around PC Perspective for some
time.  We are using the new AMD 790FX chipset for AMD's Phenom
processors and the Intel X38 chipset for all of Intel's CPUs.  We used
DDR3-1066 memory on the Intel side and DDR-800 memory on the AMD side;
keep in mind that Phenom does support DDR2-1066 speeds as well!

The Phenom X3 series of processors released today are in an interesting position in terms of price.  To many of you the prices will seem so close that choosing the lower model over a higher one would seem ridiculous.  Keep in mind though that OEMs are trying to pinch every penny out of each sale so even the $20 differences between models are important.  The X3 8750 we are testing today is set to MSRP for $195 while the X3 8650 and 8450 are to be priced at $165 and $145 respectively.  In terms of Intel processors, that price level really mixes things up as we have choose between dual-core and quad-core offerings: the most likely choices would be the Q6600 priced around $225 or the E8400 around $199. 

Intel also has some new processors to throw into the mix that we didn't get to test for today's release but will be including soon: the Q9300 and the E7200.  More on these soon!

How the Phenom X3 8750 looks in Task Manager

We have all kind of results in our benchmarks though, for you to
better gauge where AMD's latest processors fall in the grand scheme of
performance; we'll wait for our conclusions to discuss how the prices
affect our opinions and recommendations.

Please note that all of the B2 stepping results (Phenom 9600 and
Phenom 9900) are tested WITHOUT the TLB fix enabled so they would
perform at the full speed they were intended. 

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