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AMD Duron Processor Overclocking Comparison

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Processors
Manufacturer: AMD

Q3A and Content Creation

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Ah yes, the classic yet always pertinent Quake III benchmarks. I almost pulled out QI just for old times sake to see what FPS I could pull off at 1 GHz, but couldn’t find the software. (If anyone has it, let me know. Starting at 700 MHz, we see about a 10% increase in FPS for every 100 MHz, with the exception being the 1 GHz mark being only 5.5% higher than 900 MHz. Is it possible that we are seeing a max out on Q3As engine? I really don’t think so.

We see the same pattern here in the Content Creation Winstone tests. About a 10% increase up until the 900-1000 MHz mark, which is only about 4% faster.