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AMD Athlon XP 3200+: Enter the 400 MHz FSB

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Processors
Manufacturer: AMD

Other Goodies from NVIDIA

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nForce2 400

The new flagship chipset from NVIDIA is the nForce2 Ultra 400 mentioned on the previous page, but today NVIDIA is also announcing a new, low-cost solution for the 400 MHz FSB processors, the nForce2 400.

The nForce2 400 will be a single channel memory chipset, cutting the production costs of the nForce2 chipset dramatically. With it, NVIDIA is hoping to enter the low budget and OEM markets that are currently one of VIA’s and SiS’ strong points. In talking with NVIDIA about it, they plan on seeing some nForce2 400 boards for sale in the $75 price ranges upon its release, sometime in June.

AMDMB will have more on this new chipset very soon.

NVIDIA Overclocking Utility

When I recently visited NVIDIA before this launch, they were very excited to show me a new tool that they had been working on for some time. It is a Windows based application (in its current form) that allows the user to overclock their system in Windows, without rebooting in most cases.

I have some screen shots here, but I’ll describe what you are seeing as well. Through some very basic menus and scroll bars, you are able to edit the front-side bus of the system, the voltages as well as the memory timings. The only reason you should have to reboot, they are telling me, is when you change the CAS Latency setting – other than that when you hit apply, all should be working as shown. In my tests, the application was working well. Upping the FSB from 200 to 220 MHz and then hitting apply, I opened the SiSoft Sandra and it reported to me that the system was indeed running at the new faster speed. Benchmarks verified it as well.

Currently, this program is only working with their reference boards, and is in a very conceptual state. NVIDIA wanted you to know that this utility is a work in progress and is still in the conceptual stage. NVIDIA has not disclosed when this utility might be available, or the mode of distribution. However, NVIDIA is actively soliciting feedback and ideas for possible development, so if you like what you see or have any helpful suggestions, please submit your ideas to, and we will forward them on to the NVIDIA engineers.

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