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AMD Athlon MP 1800+ Processor Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Processors
Manufacturer: AMD

Overclocking and System Setup

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The Athlon MP processor is essentially the same as the Athlon XP processor. Therefore, it is likely and expected that the two would perform the same in terms of speed, heat and overclocking – and it is true. In fact, it was almost identical to my overclocking experience with Athlon XP 1800+.

Several readers have posted questions in the AMD Forums about how exactly I was able to change the multiplier on the processors. The reasoning is that the processors that AMD sends out to reviewers before they are made available to the public are already unlocked because most of them are engineering samples. While I cannot yet say why AMD has made it more difficult to cut the traces on the new packaging nor can I tell you a definitive way to unlock them, I can tell that the ones on the processors I received were in fact trace broken.

In the end, I was able to reach almost 1.7 GHz, coming in just shy at 153 MHz X 11x for a total clock frequency of 1683 MHz. This was of course at the maximum voltage available, 1.85v, and not on any dual-Athlon motherboards. I used the Epox 8KHA+ KT266A board to do the overclocking on the Athlon MP 1800+ as it was one of the few boards I had available that had support for the new Palomino cores and SSE support.

The system setup for the benchmarks is below. For the two-processor tests, I used the Tyan Tiger MP motherboard, the cheapest available, yet incredibly stable, dual-Athlon platform. For the single processor tests, I used the Athlon XP 1800+ processor on the Epox 8KHA+ KT266A motherboard. The memory that we used on the Tyan boards was 256 MB of Registered ECC PC2100, which will inherintently, slow the memory down some, thus affecting various tests slightly. But since Tyan officially requires the user to have Registered ECC memory I assumed it was only fair to include it in the tests against non-ECC PC2100 memory on the single processor test system.

Test System Setup


2 x 1.53 GHz AMD Athlon MP 1800+ Processors

1 x 1.53 GHz AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Processor


Tyan Tiger MP

Epox 8KHA+ v1.3


1 x 256MB Crucial PC2100 ECC Registered DDR DRAM

1 x 256MB TwinMOS PC2100 DDR DRAM

Hard Drive

20.5GB 7200 RPM IBM EIDE

Video Card

GeForce 3

Video Drivers

Detonator 12.90

Operating System

Windows XP


Quake III: Arena

3DMark 2001

SiSoft Sandra Memory Bench

SiSoft Sandra CPU Bench

SiSoft Sandra Multimedia Bench

Content Creation Winstone 2001

Business Winstone 2001

4 different SPEC view perf tests



Sysmark 2001

CliBench III

Linux Compilation


Adobe Photoshop

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