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Amped Wireless R20000G Router and UA2000 Adapter Review

Subject: Networking
Manufacturer: Amped Wireless

Wireless Performance – Lab Test – Router Comparisons

We’ve looked at how each adapter did individually, but another way to look at the number is to see how they did against each other when looked at all together by router.  First up, let’s look at the Apple Airport at 5 and 2.4 GHz.

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At 5 GHz and only a few feet away we see that the ASUS USB-N66 stays on top by a pretty big margin.  The ‘Amped’ setting of the UA2000 with both USB plugs plugged in does appear to help and puts it in second place, besting both the Centrino Ultimate N and the UA2000 with a single USB plug.  The dual plugs boosts the speed of the UA2000 by 22.1% in Average downloads, 25.6% in Maximum downloads and 24.4% in Minimum download speeds over the single plug setup.

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Upload speeds at 5 GHz on the Apple Airport actually show the Amped UA2000 dropping behind the Intel Centrino N and the ASUS USB-N66 in both Average and Maximum upload speeds.  The UA2000 is neck and neck with itself regardless of whether it Amped or not and actually gets a slightly faster Maximum upload speed with only a single USB plug plugged in.

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At 2.4 GHz we start to see the roles reverse and other than a two download tests, the Amped UA2000 performed better than the Intel Centrino N and the ASUS USB-N66. 

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In upload testing at 2.4 GHz, the UA2000 once again beats out the Intel Centrino N and ASUS USB-N66 in all tests, in some cases by a very large margin.  For example, the in average upload speeds, the UA2000 in both 1 and 2 plug configurations, was over twice as fast as the Intel Centrino N and over five times faster than the ASUS USB-N53.    One thing to note, the UA2000 with just a single plug actually outperformed the dual plug ‘Amped’ mode in both Average and Maximum upload speeds.

Let’s see how the adapters stack up when connected to the Amped Wireless R20000G.

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Download speeds at 5 GHz on the Amped Wireless R20000G again show the ASUS USB-N66 as king of the downloads by a big margin, up to 50-60 Mbps in some cases.  The UA 2000 in ‘Primary’ (1 plug) mode puts up a valiant fight with the Intel Centrino for second place.  Sadly, the UA2000 in ‘Amped’ 2 plug mode takes a beating in 5 GHz download speeds across the board.

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Upload speeds on the R20000G at 5 GHz show the Intel Centrino N and ASUS USB-N66 swapping places for first, with the Amped UA2000 falling behind.  Once again, the ‘Amped’ mode is slower than its single plug mode, by almost double the speeds.

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Moving to 2.4 GHz on the R20000G in download speeds we see the Intel Centrino win most of the tests with ASUS USB-N66 and Amped UA 2000 (in 1 and 2 plug modes) each taking the lead in one tests making an attempt to rank second through fourth place a muddled mess.

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We finally see the UA2000’s fortunes change in upload speeds on the R20000G and it takes first and second in all categories, beating out the Intel and ASUS adapters.  ‘Amped’ mode UA2000 only beats out the single plug UA2000 tests in one test and only by a narrow margin.  This Amped mode really isn’t cutting it in the Lab tests and seems to actually be making things worse for the UA2000.  We saw similar results with the ASUS USB-N66 in earlier reviews where the “High Power” mode was worse than the “Standard” mode in the Lab Testing.  But the USB-N66 in High Power mode showed its true colors in the Normal Use and Torture tests.  Let’s see if the UA2000 does the same.

November 13, 2012 | 03:05 AM - Posted by razor512

seems okay but that AP and wifi adapter is really overpriced. Wanted to also add that it is becoming more common for many upper end consumer level routers to have 600mw transmit power. Before I purchase, I usually look at the FCCID and check for it's transmit power and if it does not have external antennas, then I also check for U.fl connectors. (replacing a crappy internal antenna on a high end router from linksys or netgear with a quality 5-7dbi antenna will significantly improve your coverage and performance.

PS if you have a single level home, a 9dbi rp-sma omni directional = awesomeness.

November 13, 2012 | 10:11 PM - Posted by Niagara Systems (not verified)

While I haven't used this particular device I've recently had to communicate with their technical support department regarding another device and I was impressed with the quality of their North American support department. The support representatives seemed to really care about my success with their equipment so I figured I'd throw that in there in the event its meaningful in considering their products.

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