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MSI K7Pro AMD 750 Motherboard Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: MSI

Test and Conclusion

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The board was tested using our standard slew of programs to throw at it. See the results below.

Test System Setup


AMD Athlon 750


1 x 128 MB Mushkin PC133

Hard Drive

20.5 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM

Video Card

Asus GeForce DDR

Video Drivers

Detonator 5.16 Drivers

Operating System

Windows 98 SE



Test Results


Content Creation Winstone 2000

Athlon 750 on Microstar K7Pro


Athlon 750 on Asus K7V-RM


Athlon 750 on Soltek 77KV


In the end, your decision on whether or not to buy the MSI K7Pro should be based on one factor only: do I want or need the KX133 chipset? If the answer is no, or the system being built is for a non-power user, then the K7Pro is a very fast, stable board to buy. However, if you play the intense games or use programs that are very memory dependant, the KX133’s PC133 memory bus and 4X AGP slot are going to be worth the extra money.

Overall Rating

(5.5 / 10.0)

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