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GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 Motherboard Review

Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: GIGABYTE

Bundled Applications

Included Applications

  • EasyTune 6
  • GIGABYTE 3D Power Utility
  • @BIOS
  • Smart Recovery 2
  • Auto Green
  • Chrome Browser
  • Norton Internet Security trial-ware

The @BIOS app gives the user a Windows-based interface for BIOS backup and update. Smart Recovery 2 allows for full backup and restore of system data with full NTFS volume support. Using the Auto Green app, a user can force the system into sleep or hibernation mode from a Bluetooth paired cell phone.

EasyTune 6

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The EasyTune 6 applet provides Windows-based monitoring and setting manipulation capabilities. By default, the applet opens to the Tuning tab showing the auto-overclock presets. The user has the option for manual frequency and voltage setting manipulation by setting the Mode to Easy or Advance. In Advance mode, all three performance tabs are available to the user - Frequency, Ratio, and Voltage. The CPU and Memory tabs house current system setting pertaining to the named subsystems. The Graphics tab houses graphics-related frequency settings with the Smart and Monitoring tabs offering device monitoring and speed oversight methods.

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Tuner tab, Advance Mode, Frequency sub-tab

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Tuner tab, Advance Mode, Ratio sub-tab

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Tuner tab, Advance Mode, Voltage sub-tab

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CPU tab

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Memory tab

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Graphics tab

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Smart tab

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HW Monitor tab, Voltage sub-tab

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HW Monitor tab, Fan/Temp sub-tab

3D Power Digital Engine

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The 3D Power Digital Engine applet gives the user full control over all aspects of the IR digital PWM phase controller chips. The app main screen displays a floating cube with three accessible sides - Frequency, Voltage, and Phase. Each of the sub-menus that opens when a cube side is clicked contains further sub-menus housing configuration options mimicking those in the BIOS' 3D Power Control sub-menu, located within the M.I.T. Advanced Voltage Settings menu.

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Frequency page

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Frequency page, PWM Frequency setting

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Voltage Page

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Voltage Page, Turbo Voltage Response settings

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Voltage Page, Load Line Calibration settings

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Voltage Page, Over Voltage Protection settings

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Phase Page

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Phase Page, CPU Phase Control settings

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Phase Page, Over Current Protection settings

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Phase Page, PWM Thermal Protection settings

January 29, 2013 | 01:04 PM - Posted by KngtRider

" Note that the card requires a USB 2.0 header connection for enhanced functionality unlocked via its Windows app."


Contrary to popular beleif, Mini PCI-E cards are dual mode and support PCI AND USB

On combo WiFi/BT Cards such as this Atheros and Intel Centrino, Bluetooth is routed to the USB pins of the mini PCIE (the small end)as Bluetooth is designed for USB drivers/software only.

Inserting a combo card into a slot wired for PCI only will simply just not enable the Bluetooth.

Some Mini to full Carrier cards such as the one included with this board have a USB port to fully enable the Mini PCIE slot.

Some carrier cards such as generics or Intel's 6205 Desktop card do not pass USB through and as such cannnot use Bluetooth or 3G cards.

Mini PCIE WWAN/3G are also USB only due to the driver/softwre stack.

Getting mSATA to work in a Mini PCIE slot is anothr matter, and some new laptops have a fully universal slot, some motherboards dont. One can see a Marvel IC in the periphery of this boards mSATA.

January 29, 2013 | 08:46 PM - Posted by Morry Teitelman

KngtRider - thank you for the clarification on the functioning of the Atheros card.  The review information has been updated for accuracy...

January 29, 2013 | 01:50 PM - Posted by Laurențiu Roman (not verified)

Color scheme makes it look like an old DFI Lanparty.

January 30, 2013 | 09:05 AM - Posted by Leo (not verified)

Why does every motherboard bundled software have glossy, flashy and badly skinned UI? Can't anyone make clean, readable and aesthetically pleasing UI? Is it just me?

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