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Epox EP-7KXA Motherboard Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: Epox

Test and Conclusion

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We ran a few tests on this motherboard, to compare it with the latest in the AMD 750 series
of boards. Here's the system setup:

Test System Setup


AMD Athlon 750


1 x 128 Mushkin PC133 HSDRAM

Hard Drive

Western Digital 20.4 GB 7200 ATA66

Video Card

Asus GeForce v6800 DDR

Video Drivers

NVIDIA Detonator Drivers v5.08

Operating System

Windows 98 SE


7KXA v1.0

Test Results


Content Creation Winstone 2000

AMD Athlon 750 on Epox EP-7KXA


AMD Athlon 750 on Asus K7M


AMD Athlon 750 on Asus K7M (Super Bypass Enabled)


The final decision on the Epox EP-7KXA is a sort of toss-up. Being the first major
brand of KX133 chipset available, with the Asus K7V a few weeks off on being widely
available, it will become popular. Epox as a company has always had quality
products and reliable motherboards, and consumers will not be disappointed.

Is there another option? If you can wait for the Asus K7V, that may be a better
choice. Since the K7M was known for its high degree of reliability and
overclocking ability, there are some high expectations for the K7V. And, if
you can wait even longer, the DDR Athlon chipsets should be 3 to 4 months on the
horizon. The choice is left up to you, and your money supply.

Overall Rating

(7.0 / 10.0)

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