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ECS P55H-A P55 Lynnfield Motherboard Review

Author: Steve Grever
Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: Elitegroup

BIOS Features

The ECS P55H-A uses a American MegaTrends Inc. BIOS and we are using BIOS version 09/08/17. ECS has not released any new BIOS updates as of November 11, 2009.


The first screen users will see when the enter the BIOS is the main menu above. This menu includes the usual suspects -- standard CMOS setup, advanced setup, advanced chipset setup, integrated peripherals, and power management setup to name a few. Their overclocking options are available under M.I.B. II, which stands for MB Intelligent BIOS II.


The Standard CMOS Setup menu includes the data, time, and SATA and IDE devices that are connected to the system.


The Advanced Setup menu has a few key items that users will need to know about if they want to overclock their LGA 1156 processor. The first one is Enhanced Halt (C1E) because this is a power-saving option that should be disabled during overclocking. There is also a section for enabling or disabling Intel's TurboMode function, which we recommend to leave enabled until you want to overclock your system. Intel EIST, better known as SpeedStep, should also be disabled during overclocking.

The Advanced Chipset Setup menu only has one option for allowing remapping of the PCI memory over the total physical memory.


The Integrated Peripherals menu includes options for configuration the motherboard's SATA, SATA2 controller, audio, LAN, USB, and serial port features.


The Power Management Setup menu includes many typical features we've seen on tons of boards so we won't dive too far into this menu set. Suffice to say, users with specific power management needs know how to configure these options above and use them to their benefit.


The PC Health status menu includes system temperature information, CPU fan speeds, system fan speeds, and some voltage information for the CPU and DIMMs. This is a pretty paltry offering and many overclockers might be turned off by the scarce amount of data available in this section.


Finall, we reached the overclocking options that are available for the P55H-A.
This section allows users to set the CPU clock speeds and system bus speeds to enhance the system's overall performance.


The Performance Level option allows users to manually set the CPU multiplier in Enhanced mode.


The DRAM frequencies supported by this board include 800, 1066, 1333, and 1600MHz. Be careful about changing these settings because they are connected to other features in the memory like timings and command rates.


Users can enable the CPU Over-clocking function to gain access to the CPU base clock. This is where most basic and intermediate overclockers start when they want to overclock their CPUs.


The bottom of the M.I.B. II menu includes the current CPU multiplier settings, memory frequencies, memory timings, and voltage information for the CPU Vcore, CPU VTT, VDIMM, and Chipset (PCH).

November 9, 2012 | 01:10 PM - Posted by Purushoth (not verified)

How to change boot order to usb in this bios setup?

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