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Asus K7V-RM Motherboard Review

Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: Asus

First Look

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Asus' initial unwillingness to acknowledge their own growing Athlon market with their Asus K7M motherboard was changed with the release of their new set of motherboard, the K7V and K7V-RM. Unlike the previous run of boards, these were not placed in OEM white boxes and sent out to customers, and these boards are well advertised on the Asus website ( This change can definitely be seen as a welcome change for supporters of the Athlon format; the largest and most successful motherboard manufacturer now supports them.

Lets start out the review by getting you the specs of the board:

Motherboard Specifications

CPU Socket

Slot A



VIA 571 North Bridge

VIA 686A South Bridge

Form Factor


Bus Speed Options

90 / 92 / 95 / 97 / 100 / 101 / 103 / 105 / 107 / 110 / 112 and 115MHz


1.3 - 2.05 in .05v increments

Memory Slots

3 168 pin DIMM (PC100 and PC133 Supported)

Expansion Slots

3/1/1 (PCI/AMR/AGP)

AGP Support

4x AGP Pro50

USB Support

4 USB Ports


AWARD Medallion BIOS

Memory Recommendations:

As always, for any Athlon system running at PC133 speed, recommends:

Mushkin PC133 222 SDRAM -