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Asus A8R-MVP Xpress 200 CrossFire Edition Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Motherboards
Manufacturer: Asus

BIOS Features

Asus told us up front that this board wasn't geared towards the extreme overclocker or enthusiast, but let's see what the board offers in that area anyway. 

Here we can see that it supports CPU frequency speeds up to 400 MHz.

And PCIe speeds up to 150 Mhz.

Multiplier adjustments are available here all the way down to 4x speeds should you want to underclock the core in some instances.

DDR voltages are configurable from default settings to 3.2v.

The PCI Express bus can be pumped up to 1.5v as well.

There is a south bridge over-voltage option here that only has settings of Auto/Enable/Disable, though I couldn't figure out exactly how much is being pushed into the M1575 with these settings. 

The infamous PEG Link mode makes its way into the CrossFire motherboard as well.  This feature Asus introduced last year overclocks the PCI Express bus dynamically under the GPUs and can give you some gaming performance gains though the lack of detail as to what exactly is being done turns me off to this feature.  We always test with it disabled.

Another PCI Express Graphics tweak on the A8R-MVP adjusts the buffer length dynamically, allowing the board to use main memory more efficiently.

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