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Toshiba T235-S1345 AMD Turion II Notebook Review - Entering the Nile

Author: Matt Smith
Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product Design

The Toshiba T235 makes a good first impression. The black gloss lid is a fingerprint magnetic (of course) but a subtle wave pattern in the plastic helps spice up the appearance. This favorable first impression is no doubt enhanced by the laptop's slim profile. It is well under an inch thin at the front, and tapers to a maximum of 1.3 inches at the rear - all of which is due to the battery. As you might have guessed, this thin design leaves no room for an optical drive.

The interior of the T235 is less appealing. The trim is made of glossy silver plastic that reminds me of the kind of fake jewelry a kid might wear. The plastic is textured, however, and this texture wards off the greasy finger-prints that a silver chrome finish would normally encourage. The keyboard is matte silver, as well, again side-stepping smudges.

Speaking of the keyboard – it is absolutely top-notch. Keyboards have been a problem for Toshiba in the past, as many of the company's laptops (including the previous T135) use a flat Chiclet keyboard that lacks feedback and doesn't provide enough space between keys. The keyboard on the T235, however, is reminiscent of the one found on the Toshiba NB205 and 305 netbooks. It has well defined keys, offers good feedback, and doesn't feel squishy.

The trackpad is decent as well. It is large for an ultraportable and responses to input smoothly. The trackpad buttons are large and firm, and pressing them produces an audible click.

Toshiba wins bonus points for the T235’s incredibly simple access panel on the bottom of the laptop. There is only one piece of plastic that needs to be removed, and it is attached with only a single screw. Once that screw is removed the plastic cover can be taken off with gentle pressure from a sharp object, revealing the RAM slots and the hard drive.

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