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Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review - Your Notebook's Little Friend

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Logitech

Using the VX Revolution

Being a mobile mouse, there will be some of you out there who will find the VX Revolution a bit too small but I personally found the VX Revolution fairly comfortable in my average-sized hands.

The Logitech VX Revolution (Left) vs.
the Logitech G5 gaming mouse (Right).

I found tracking via wireless pretty good for most tasks, but found precision a bit challenging with small precise movements like in photo editing or highlighting text in a document. For users who do a lot of fine and precise movements with the mouse, you would be better off with a corded cousin, otherwise most users will find the VX Revolution just fine for most applications.

Another quirk I found was with scrolling. If you so a quick scroll with the wheel, often the window would skip down (or up). This could be a bit disorienting since the skip doesn't convey which direction you have moved in the screen.

The One-Touch Search I found immensely useful to quickly look up search words on the 'net or just to open up Google / the web browser.

Document Flipping feature on the middle button was immensely useful especially when I needed to switch between many different windows and documents.

Document Flipping is quicker and easier than Alt-Tabbing.

The Zoom key I didn't find much use for in daily use, but it did come in handy for websites that use a font size much too small. I'm sure some of you would find the zoom feature pretty handy.

Since the VX Revolution used radio transmission, you can stand far away and still control the notebook which would be useful in presentation situations or even in HTPC environments.

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