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Computex 2008: Notebooks and Mini-Notes Galore

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: General

MSI, Gigabyte and Intel show off as well

Though it didn't get a whole lot of attention, even Gigabyte had a mini-notebook on display, at least at Intel's booth.  The mysterious Gigabyte M912 is a tablet-style laptop with a 12" screen, standard sized keyboard and more.  This was a pretty early mock up as the lid was more loose than it should have been, but we'll be eager to see how Gigabyte responds to ASUS' and MSI's entry into mini-notes. 

Speaking of MSI, above you can see a 9" (left side) and 10" MSI Wind right next to each other.  The comparisons to the ASUS Eee PC are very obvious but that doesn't mean we should count these models out at all with their longer battery technology among others. 

The flat-black 9" wind is nice looking and I have to say I much prefer this finish over the white model.

MSI stated that in reality, the 10" model is likely to be the only one to see the light of day in the US, or anywhere, in significant numbers. 

Eager to show off their dominance in the mobile market, Intel was showing off a collection of mini-notes and small notebooks at their own booth at Computex.  There are 4-5 more to left of this shot that didn't make it in, but you can see at least 7-8 unique models here Amtek, Acer, ASUS and the rest of the gang.

Final Thoughts

Even though this seemed to be mostly an expose on what new notebook computers ASUS has coming out this year, the results were pretty impressive.  From the mini-note to the G70S super gaming laptop, there seems to be an option for just about everyone from ASUS and others. 

For years now we have been hearing how the mobile market would be dominating the desktop market in terms of sales by as soon as, well, now.  That may finally be the case, but I would wager that without the huge success in the mini-note market with the ASUS Eee Pc, HP 2133 Mini-Note and others, notebooks would still be lagging behind.  Another question for us (and you, the reader) going forward is to actually define this new mini-note segment: does the ASUS Eee PC 1000 with its 10" screen and standard hard drive option really count as a mobile internet device rather than simply a small laptop?

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