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Computex 2006 - Mobile Coverage

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: General

Asus Lamborghini, HD-DVD and UMPC Models

We also learned at CES that Asus was building a line of notebooks around the Lamborghini brand.  The notebook above doesn't look too dramatically different than other ones we have seen before, but the build and texture of the unit just screams quality. 

The Asus Lamborghini VX1 sports an impressive array of technology including, you guessed it, the Core Duo processor and the Intel 945 chipset.  The graphics card is a unique part called the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400VX that Asus has specifically purchased from NVIDIA for this notebook.  These 7400s are binned to run faster and will be clocked higher than other 7400 Go models you'll see in laptops.  The screen is a 15" ColorShine design and other enhancements include a 160GB hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner and an amazingly light build for the size and components inside.  It will come in both a yellow seen here and black. 

While HD-DVD and BluRay are getting a lot of attention all over Computex, Asus had their own HD-DVD ready notebooks on display.  Above is a 15" model...

And this one here is a 17" screen model.  The Asus W1J features the Core Duo processor and 945 chipset.  Sporting an ATI X1600 mobility GPU with 256MB of memory, these units have full HDMI outputs and are HDCP certified, obviously. 

The Asus W1J also sports a unique back on it that is made of carbon fiber.

Finally, Asus own UMPC was on display, the Asus R2.  The screen is a 7" touch panel and along the front of it you can see the biometric fingerprint unit as well as the controls for mousing commands and a 1.3 MP webcam. 

One of the more unique features for the R2 is integrated GPS, seen as the flat antennae at the bottom of this picture.  There are also two standard USB ports on the R2 as well; one of them you see along the top of the unit.

The technical specs on the R2 include a Celeron M ULV (ultra low voltage) CPU running at 900 MHz, 128 MB of DDR2-533 memory and anywhere from a 20GB to an 80GB hard drive. 

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