Asus U2E Notebook Unboxing - Review coming soon

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Asus

Pulling it out of the box

UPDATE: My full review of the ASUS U2E is now online, so you can see a LOT more pics and information about the machine here.  Thanks for reading!!

So after hearing that the new, and HIGHLY anticipated Asus U2E notebook was on its way to the US for the first time, I waited by the docks in order to see the shipment, commandeer it and nab one for myself.  Looks like it worked out.

For now, I'm going to go through a classic unboxing of the unit, but you'll have to wait a few more days for the full review.

First note, the box is HEAVY for an ultra-light notebook; about 13 lbs.  The box inside the shipping box is very high quality and looks like a high end part.

The box removed - very large "Vista Ready" sticker on the box.  Uhhh....I hope so since Vista is installed.

Whoops!  Because this system was early we caught it with an S6 image on it - another Asus notebook that uses this same style box.  Don't worry, your Asus U2E will have a "U2" here. 

Opening up that flap shows a small briefcase-type case that hold the notebook goodness.  Again, this is the one used for the Asus S6 - the U2E case will be a black suede. 

There it is - the first U2E sample in the states.

Here is the notebook in its glory on the edge of the box.

Under the notebook is storage area for all the included extras - and there are tons of them!

Open up the left and you'll find many power adapters (for various international plug types) as well as the larger, 9-cell battery. 

On the right...even more power cables!  Seriously, there are like a dozen in here.  Obviously these cables give the box its heft.

Here is the
unit opened up with its LED lit 11.1" screen, keyboard, fingerprint reader and mousing surface on display.
One final image for you to pour over for sizing comparisons.  On the bottom: HP n6400 notebook; middle: Asus U6E notebook; top: the new Asus U2E. 

More to come soon!!

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