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Asus G2P 17" Core 2 Duo Gaming Notebook Review

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Asus

Features and Accessories


The G2 looks great! The design of the G2 is aggressive with mean lines, red highlights, and chrome details. The lights on the side of the LCD pulse with DirectX activity including games, videos, and some screen savers.

A special OLED display adorns the top-left corner of the keyboard and is always backlit so it's visible any time. The little screen displays the current time, a customized string, or one of many predefined icons. The predefined icons are interesting and cute, but I personally find the clock the most useful and practical. Too bad the functionality of this little display is limited, because I would have loved to have it display headers of emails, or updates from an RSS feed (like weather or news).

The OLED display can show the current time or a custom string of text with icons.

Of course there is a Radeon X1700 inside which helps push some decent frame rates on today's games. We will be testing the graphics processor later in this review of course.

In terms of accessories, the two unique parts are a Logitech MX518 gaming mouse that has been branded to match, and a backpack to carry the G2 and its components.

Also included is a cloth to wipe your screen, and CDs of drivers and other software.

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