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Asus Eee PC 4G Review - Ultramobile Notebook with Linux

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Asus

Introduction and Specifications


The Asus Eee PC has had a quick development path and has gone from a questionable product development to having a near fanatical fan base that is following its every move on the way to the US.  When it was released in Taiwan, Asus tells me that one was sold every two seconds  until stock was drained.  Some people have told me that Asus in Taiwan is like Apple here is in the US; a company with a large following that is always innovating in the market. 

For those that haven't been following the Eee PC tabloids, or even our previous coverage of the units from Computex this past summer, the Asus Eee PC is basically the most compact and innovative standard notebook computer we have seen in many years.

Just take a look at the specifications below and then we'll dive into the unit itself on the next page. 

Model PC 4G Specifications

Model Name Eee PC 8G Eee PC 4G
Display 7" 7"
Intel CPU & Chipset V V
Operating System Linux

Windows XP compatible


Windows XP compatible

Ethernet Communication V V
Memory 1G (DDR2) 512 MB (DDR2)
S.S.D. Storage (Solid-State Disk) 8G 4G
Camera V V
Audio Hi-Definition audio

Stereo speaker


Hi-Definition audio

Stereo speaker


Battery 4 Cells: 5200 mAh, 3.5hrs* 4 Cells: 5200 mAh, 3.5hrs*
Weight 0.92 kg 0.92 kg
Launch Date End of November 10/16 Global Launch

There are two models that Asus is planning on bringing to the US; I had a chance to play with the model on the right, the Eee PC 4G.  In the US market it will probably be known as the Asus Eee PC 4G but we'll see as the release of the notebook nears. 

Key specs from the list above that should stand out to any hardware savvy users include a 7" screen, a solid-state storage disk at only 4GB in size and an incredibly light 2.02 lbs system weight.  The processor is a very low power Intel Mobile Celeron-M that runs at 900 MHz unit that Asus isn't really keen on discussing -- they are much more likely to talk about the integrated Linux OS that boots in 10 seconds or the applications included on it. 

Don't worry; we've got LOTS of info on the software as well.

Update: It would appear that Newegg has the model we reviewed here for sale NOW for $399!

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