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Antec Notebook Coolers Triple Treat - Basic, Mini, and Designer Review

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Antec

Antec Mini Notebook Cooler

The Mini is a small active cooler that uses a free USB port to power an internal fan. Unlike traditional cooler designs which are more like notebook stands with integrated fans, the Mini is designed to have the computer propped up on one side with the fan portruding from underneath. The Mini draws in air from the exposed side and blows the air out underneath the notebook.

A close-up look at the blower inside the Antec Mini.


This scheme generally works since most portable computers have perforations in the base for ventilation. However, if your base is essentially sealed (like a MacBook), then it is questionable how effective the Mini will be since the air being moved by the fan will not be directly reaching internal components. (There will be some cooling effect through conduction between the computer's body material and the air, but I doubt it will be very much.)

The Antec Mini protrudes from the back - drawing in cool air and blowing it under

the resting ntoebook.


By having the notebook propped up on the Mini, it leaves the area under the system open which should further help ventilation. But as we will see in the performance testing, this may not be the case.


However, the design of the Mini will will fall flat on its face if your notebook has its exhaust fan blowing out the back. In this case, hot air will just be recycled by the Mini's fan and blown back onto the notebook which will likely cause more harm than good.


The Mini should be used on a flat surface since positioning the cooler on your lap and the notebook on top can be a bit tricky.


December 25, 2015 | 08:36 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

"...a 120mm blower fan inside pushes air up onto the system's base by drawing air from the back."

The product packaging for the Antec Cooler Designer directly contradicts your statement regarding the airflow direction.

So which is it? In through the top & out the back, or vice versa?

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