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Antec Notebook Coolers Triple Treat - Basic, Mini, and Designer Review

Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Antec

Antec Basic Notebook Cooler

The Antec Notebook Cooler Basic is a notebook stand that has perforations to help maintain airflow underneath the notebook. It is made from aluminum which makes it nice and light when folded down for transporting.


The Basic is a one size fits all design which may cause some problems for some notebook models. If  using a notebook larger than 13.3" the chances are the rubber feet that stabilize your computer will fall outside the Basic's surface. In this situation, your notbook will not have any grip on the stand's surface, causing it to slide around even while typing, and if  your notebook has an uneven base, it will also tip side to side as the Basic will act like a fulcrum on a teeter-totter.

The Basic was too small for the 15.4" MSI GX540 notebook,

causing it to wobble and be unbalanced while being used.

The basic is designed to sit on a flat surface, and putting it on your lap may be a bit uncomfortable as the kick stand digs into your thighs under the weight of a notebook.

December 25, 2015 | 08:36 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

"...a 120mm blower fan inside pushes air up onto the system's base by drawing air from the back."

The product packaging for the Antec Cooler Designer directly contradicts your statement regarding the airflow direction.

So which is it? In through the top & out the back, or vice versa?

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