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Alienware m9750 Notebook Review - SLI, RAID and Gaming on the Go

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Mobile
Manufacturer: Alienware

Exterior and Features (cont'd)

Along the bottom of the LCD panel, on the back are the battery and
charging indicators so you can see the status of the system while it is
closed and plugged in. 

As I mentioned on the first page the keyboard on the Alienware
m9750 is a full size design that includes the full allotment of
Function keys along the top as well as a slightly compressed number pad
on the side.  Frequent Excel users or calculator users will definitely
find that feature appealing. 

The keys themselves were of very high quality and the unit didn’t flex at all under my finger presses. 

There are a row of buttons along the top of the keyboard that are
touch sensitive (meaning you don’t actually press them, just touch your
finger to them) for application and internet functionality. 

These buttons include a one-touch access to the internet, email,
music, DVD and TV applications.  They are all preset but you can modify
them as you wish.  The center of the console shows buttons for
play/pause, stop, next and previous track.  These are handy access keys
that I know I use frequently on my desktop keyboard.

There is only one button for power on / power off or you can set it
to hibernate or standby instead.  It glows a nice blue color (like most
of the LEDs on this system) when powered on.

Finally, over the multimedia keys are some lights that indicate the
status of wireless connectivity, if the power cord is attached, hard
drive access, touchpad status and of course number and caps lock.  The
touch pad can be disabled on this notebook to avoid any issues while
typing when using an external mouse – a very nice feature. 

The touch pad is pretty big on the m9750 giving you a lot of room
to work and the single button below it is actually double sided to
support left and right mouse clicks.  The slider on the right side of
the touch pad allows you to easily scroll up and down documents or web
pages though I have never been able to get the hang of these on ANY

Above the LCD you’ll find a webcam built into the bezel – it’s a
1.3 mega-pixel eye with a 1280x1024 resolution.  Pretty good for a
webcam resolution.

February 16, 2013 | 01:50 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

I want one but I've not heard of them before so Im not sure wether to buy one or not?

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