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OCZ PC2-9200 Flex XLC Memory Review - Passive and Liquid Cooled

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Memory
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology

Installation and Testing Setup


One of the first things to note during installation is that in most cases, getting four of these modules into a system is surprisingly LIKELY as the heatsink was designed to fit into tight DIMM slot configurations.  They will be making contact with each other, but that shouldn't present a problem. 

If the height of the Corsair Dominator modules surprised you, then you'll be interested to know that the OCZ Flex XLC modules extended nearly 3/4" higher than that!  SFF system users beware!  But in all likelihood, this shouldn't present a problem to system builders unless their CPU cooling device extends over the memory slots. 

Installing the water cooling tubing on the 1/4" inner-diameter barbs is pretty straight forward, though intentionally a tight fit.  Getting the tubing over the barb was a struggle and caused a bit of discomfort in the hands as I had to hold onto the fins to stabilize the DIMM.  Once they were on though, the felt secure and didn't leak.  The one thing I would have prefered to see here is some kind of tubing retention mechanism to ensure the tubing never slips off.  As it was, I ended up putting a zip tie around the barb after installation just to be sure.

No doubt OCZ didn't include something like that in order to keep the prices and simplicity at lower levels. 

Here you can see our test bed with two of the OCZ Flex XLC modules; one with water cooling installed on it.  The red/black wire going into the heatsink area was our thermal probe and was placed just over the PCB inside the heatsink.

Overall, I'd have to say that the OCZ Flex XLC installation was about as simple as you could expect given the options it supplies.  Users of passive cooling just snap it into place and those going for the liquid cooling option should expect the standard hassles of adding a component to your cooling loop.

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