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Mushkin Rev2 PC133 Enhanced Memory

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Memory
Manufacturer: Mushkin

Mushkin CAS 2 v. Mushkin CAS 3

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For this section of the review, we are going to see the differences between the Mushkin Rev2 memory when running at CAS 3 and when we set it to run as CAS 2. We are going to keep the 133 MHz memory speed at default, as this will show us only differences that CAS latency can make.

This is a large difference here! We can now see the difference in the memory bandwidth when we are using CAS 2 latency is fairly large. Moving down almost a 100 MB/s, the CAS 3 benchmarks are much slower and it is fairly obvious that the latency makes a major difference in these types of benchmarks. But will they have the same result in gaming?

Again, we see a noticeable difference between the results of the Mushkin memory running at CAS 2 and CAS 3. CAS 2 outperforms it by about 8 fps. Considering this is merely a bios setting that can be changed easily, any memory that supports CAS 2 timings should obviously be using it.

The results here show a slimming of the differences that we saw in the previous two benchmarks. This makes sense, as the video card is now becoming more of a bottleneck than any other component of the computer.

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