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Corsair Dominator Memory Review - New Heatsinks and Cooling

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Memory
Manufacturer: Corsair Components

Installation and Usage

The Corsair Dominator memory modules already offer probably the best cooling solution we have seen on a DIMM before, but the designers at Corsair went a step further when an additional optional accessory.

This 3-fan Dominator Airflow DIMM cooler can actually be used on just about any motherboard with ANY memory modules, not just the Corsair Dominator series.  This accessory could well out live your system and follow you to the next if you wanted it to.  It is definitely not a cheaply built unit and has some weight to it. 

Installation of the Dominator modules and fan is pretty simple -- start with the baisc memory installation process.  Note the height of the modules!  The thickness of the Dominator's isn't any more than the very popular Pro series of memory from Corsair so memory installation shouldn't be a problem.

Here we have the memory fan installed in our testing system using the Asus P5W DH motherboard. 

Looking at the cooler and memory setup from the side we see that the Dominator Airflow was clearly designed for the height of the Dominator modules themselves. 

The Airflow installs very easily using some strong spring-retained arms that simply squeeze along the outside of the memory DIMM retention clips.  While the installation is pretty secure and I wouldn't worry about the fan falling off in your system, if you regularly move it around for LANs or anything like that, I'd take a peak inside before booting it up.  That's what windows are for, right?

Another look at the backs of our Dominator modules shows a clean design that looks a nice as it functions.

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