Video Perspective: Unique Eyefinity Demonstrations using Curved Displays

Manufacturer: AMD

*Updated* Eyefinity goes curvy!

We absolutely love unique demonstrations of graphics and gaming hardware and at a recent AMD professional graphics meeting in Santa Clara we had a chance to get hands on with a couple of innovative display technologies.  The first, from a company called Scalable, uses multiple projectors and software used to scale and warp the projector output to create a seamless display on anything from flat walls to curved glass and even complete domes.  Our second demo shows a set of three 2880x900 curved monitors from Ostendo that encompass about 270 degrees of your field of view.

(You can see the full 1080p version by going full screen.)

** Additional info **

Allyn, our storage editor, actually caught a few pics of the Ostendo in action at CES back in January:

Each display has 4 mini-DLP projectors.  Three of them give you nearly 270 degree surround!

A close-up shot of the product specs.