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NVIDIA PureVideo Technology

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: NVIDIA

More PureVideo Features

Telecine (3:2 Pulldown)

Telecine (better known as 3:2 pulldown) is the method by which content that was produced for 24 FPS standards like film and video.  However, DVDs and TVs convert the video to 30 FPS to conform to broadcast standards.  As you can see, this causes a problem, as 6 frames need to be "made up" for every second of video in the new format.  These new frames are created by merging fields from the available frames and often can create images that are blurry.  NVIDIA's PureVideo technology attempts to create a smooth animation and better image quality by taking apart the pattern of the 3:2 pulldown, and using the original and high quality frames and fields.

Without 3:2 Pulldown -- notice the blurry spots and jagged edges

With PureVideo's 3:2 Pulldown -- an overall improved image

The resulting image and animation is much cleaner and smoother and appears to rival the hardware-based 3:2 pulldown solutions in high-end TVs and DVD players.

Bad Edit Detection (3:2 correction)

Somtimes, when 3:2 pulldown is done to correct video issues, and then a post-production edits are done in movies and video, you can get spots in the video where the frame patterns are disrupted and thus regualr 3:2 pulldown algorithms cause more problems than they fix.  The NVIDIA video technology is able to recognize the correct pattern and thus produce a better quality image.

An edit after 3:2 pulldown was done can cause this

The same file running with PureVideo drivers corrects the image

WMV9 Acceleration

One of the more important issues of the PureVideo technology is the additional WMV9 (Windows Media Video 9) acceleration that is done in the codec.  The new Windows Media Player 10 that is available on Windows Update has many new options to support both hardware and software based acceleration methods and will help utilize the features that both NVIDIA and ATI are putting in their latest GPUs and drivers. 

WMP10 Advanced Video Settings

WMV9 was recently accepted as a new high definition DVD format and DVDs are beginning to be released in this new format for play on your PC.  HD video requires a large amount of CPU processing to run smoothly, and NVIDIA's new codec offloads most of the processing to the GPU, thereby lowering CPU utilization and increasing overall performance.  We will be testing their results in the following pages.

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